I might starting painting roofs, Anything I should know?

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I might starting painting roofs, Anything I should know?

I have a friend of mine, has the idea of painting peoples roofs with Solarflex White Roof Coating to reduce the amount of heat the roof absorbs and the transfers to the house which cause people to crank the AC more then they would if they had a white "isolated" roof.

Keep in mind most of the house that were build before the mid 90`s did not have the best insulation in them..Plus it gets up to 117 here..

So he told be about his idea, get a few bucks of the stuff, two compressed air paint guns and paint some roofs saying it as a energy saving effort that not only lowers your AC cost but reduces the wear and tear on the unit as well...

Anything I should know?

Any warnings?

Any advice on pricing/charging? I mean he has been throwing around some very bigger numbers and if it sounds to good to be true you know it almost always is....
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Welcome to the forums.

A little off topic.... I had a fairly flat roof I painted with that and a lot of it peeled off.
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I would advise you that this "friend" is no friend if he wants you to put up any money. While it is true that a lighter-colored roof will reflect back some of the sun's heat the savings someone would get from their roof being painted is probably not going to recoup the cost of the job in any kind of reasonable time period. You would be far better off to sell insulation and air sealing services although the actual work is hot, hard and dirty.
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its done all the time on commercial work so i don't know why residential would not be a good market,,, the only thing is they don't use PAINT !

pro's use sprayable / rollable coatings & they're particularly good for flat roofs,,, i believe they're acrylic polymer-modified materials,,, i do know we had 3 of our condo bldgs done ( 7, 6, 5 yrs ago respectively ),,, worked great for us ! these systems also are architect / engineer approved/specified & have decent track records,,, this may help - Reflective Roof Coatings | Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions | Reflective Coatings

regarding furd's post, its your $$$,,, i do the same & have for over 45yrs,,, what's wrong w/taking risks to achieve some reward(s) ? IF what you post is correct, i'd probably refrain from any jnt venture w/him,,, however, IF you're serious, go for it - just perhaps not w/him,,, biz plans are necessary as are contracts - this is business, NOT a friendship struck up @ a bar - GOOD LUCK !

[ even mobile home owners don't ' paint ' their roofs ]
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So he told be about his idea, ...... , two compressed air paint guns and paint some roofs
That tells me he doesn't know much about what he proposes to do Conventional guns only work well with thinned paint. To spray any volume or thicker coatings you need to do use an airless! I've painted a lot of roofs over the years and while the color does make a difference in light reflection/absorption it can't be relied on to cool or waterproof the roof.

Proper attic ventilation and insulation will do a better job of keeping a house cool!

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