Gutters - supported by roof or fascia?

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We are planning a room addition. One builder said that they use 2x for the fascia, rather than the 1x that many builders use. This provides better support for the gutters.

Does this make sense or am I being bamboozled?
Are gutters attached to the fascia or are they supported entirely by the roof?

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Most gutters are supported by the fascia board unless of course there is none. Then you must use a strap or an "OG" hanger. If he is going to use 2x all the better. Might be a good idea to have him use brackets and screws rather than gutter spikes and furrels. Provides a much stronger installation and spike heads won't show. You can see these brackets at most suppliers.
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fascia boards/gutters

Whether your using 1x or 2x for fascia boards,spikes or furrels,screws and hangers they have to catch a rafter tail for strength and stability placed every 16" on center
The most commonly used is 1x8 pine.paints nice and there is less chance for shinkage and warping.
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The answer to this has regional implications. Every geo area has differences in architecture.

In this area either 2x4 or 2x6 are used as the sub-fascia and then a vinyl or aluminum fascia is applied over it. The fascia does not get painted.

The gutters are then normally screwed and strapped on usually about every 2 feet regardless of the rafter tail. Gutter spikes are passe for new work.

1x is not used very often around here as fascia board.

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