Mold growing in Rafters

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Over the winter I noticed ice crystals that formed on the nail tips poking through the rafters on the front half of my house which is where the sun hits at the end of the day. When it warmed up they disappeared of course but then mold started to form and is spreading. My question is do you think I could just treat the wood with some kind of mold/mildew remover and put in a vent to remove the condensation that occurs up there and this will take care of it or do you think there is a possibility I may need a new roof. I will add that there is no evidence of water or leakage...Answers much appreciated.. This is keeping me up at night!!
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Removing the mildew is only treating the symptom not the cause. You definitely need ventilation of some sort. The easiest way to do this is by installing soffit vents and making sure that the space is vented at the top. Soffit vents look similar to a speaker grill and are placed in the soffit area under the eaves of the roof. If you have a heavy build up of condensation you could put them every 10 feet or so. To vent the attic or crawl space there must be an opening at the top. If you have a gabled roof(peaked) you should have gable vents or louvers. If there is a gable vent built into the house, a small fan could be installed to help draw the condensation out. If it is a hip roof with no gable then vents will have to be installed in the roof itself. This can be done with roof vents placed in with the shingles or a ridge vent which takes the place of ridge capping. A ridge vent would be easier than roof vents. Roof vents will involve removing shingles, cutting a hole in the deck, installing the vent and reinstalling the shingles. The fan would also help keep the area cool on hot days. Using the fan occasionally during the winter will help keep insulation from getting wet from condensation. By the way you probably don't need a roof either. Condensation forms on the nails because the heads are out in the cold and the points are in the warm attic. Do something soon though because the repeated freeze-thaw and soaking of the wood around the nails will weaken their hold.

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