Gable shed roof angle sizes


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Gable shed roof angle sizes

hello there peps. im looking to replace a roof on my shed with a 3foot high gable roof (from centre). The stud wall hight that the roof frame will sit onto is 10f high so i cant make it more then 13.1F in all.
How do i get the angles for cutting the triangle shape timber and connecting it flush together ?
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Or just give us the width of the building and we can help. You generally want to stick with a standard pitch so that you can use a speed square. Like 3:12, 4:12, 5:12, etc.
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Or you can use simple high school trigonometry: The roof pitch angle from the horizontal, if called theta, is the angle whose tangent equals the total rise divided by half the width of the shed. Any trig function calculator will instantly give the angle, after pressing the "inverse tan" keys after doing the division.
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cheers for the info and replys. When it comes to math im a dummy lol.
This is the roof anyway and the floor joists u see there is basically the dimenshions of the roof + the over hang for the rainfall. Its 12F by 10F not exact measurements right now (give or take an inch or 2), but the 2 gable ends will be on the 10foot side and the roof slopes on the 12F side.
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Set the two scales on your framing square on multiples of 3 and 5 ( 3 is the center height and 5 is half of 10, the total span), like 9 and 15. Mark the "9 side" to get the top angle to fit the ridge board. Mark the "15 side" to get the birds mouth bottom cut to sit on the top of the wall.

You can use a piece of scrap as a pattern or use stops clamped to the framing square to make repeat markings.
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Is this the hole in the ground project? Several observations. Framing lumber cannot be laid on its side as in picture 2. What spacing do you have the upper studs set at in picture 1? Your OSB must land on a stud. The studs should be set at 16" on center for that to happen. There is a disparity in the post height that will need to be addressed prior to installing a roof system. Have you considered manufactured trusses? Not all that expensive and will be substantial for your roof and ceiling.
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Great stuff Wirepuller. Its makes sence now to me thank u. And the birds mouth was the next thing i had a problem also
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It it indeed chandler, and hello agian Its all done now including a roof, i just need to upgrade it
And the studs were 16'' on centre. The top of the stud wall u see in picture 1, is 10foot from the ground so im gonna just add the point of the gable at 3foot (2f 11'' to be exact) and then the ceder shingles.
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