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Question Backyard Drainage Solution/Direction

Hi All,

Hopefully this gets the proper attention in this forum. I am looking to mitigate the water pooling I have in my backyard. Within the last year we installed the concrete patio, mulch, and vegetation that you can see in the photos, as well as the water pooling issue that we have as well.

Part of the problem is that the neighbor to the direct east of us, discharges the sw corner of his main dwelling's rain runoff, in addition to the southern half of his garage's runoff, directly into the path that would naturally flow towards our patio. This neighbor is not pleasant to say the least, and is not welcome to changing anything, for any reason, for anybody.

The photo below shows an aerial of the property.

As you can see, I have identified that the neighbor to the east has a downspout at the SW corner of his home that discharges directly to the NE corner of our backyard. The aerial is actually older than the patio, so it is not displayed, but you can tell from the photo below.

Just for reference here are two photos. The first being after the plants were installed, and the second being a few months after and some water pooling.

Looking at the last photo you can see that in the bottom right corner of the patio, from looking at the photo, there is a spot where the water pools. I know this is partially because of a difference in elevation between the grass/mulch, but I knew I would have to do some type of drainage implementation to begin with.

The photo below shows a preliminary layout of what i would do if I currently had all the time and money in the world. From my SE downspout and then south, I would install a french drain and run it to a catch basin at another low spot in the ground where it would then head west towards the lower part of the property. A catch basin would connect to that line by a french drain as well, coming from the trouble spot near that SW corner of the patio.

I would then like to eventually run my SE downspout through a solid pipe, eventually connecting to and tying in with the french drain system. I would run this on top of the perforated pipe in the french drain if that is deemed a good practice.

Let me know what you all think, Thanks so much!
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You can probably solve the water problem with a couple of dry wells. However, I would file a complaint with the building dept first. They may force him to solve the problem for you. It already happened to my cousin.
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Where do the downspouts drain? Do they run into a storm drain or just surface drain?
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If it's not confidential, I think it would be helpful to know the locus of this problem . . . . like what State is the O.P. located in ?

It looks like a fairly high density developed area, maybe serviced by a storm sewer ?

And is it in a geographic area that is subjected to a high amount of annual rainfall or is it in an area that is drought ridden.

I'm just trying to better envision the site.
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The downspouts currently drain to the north end of the property, which then flow down my driveway to the street. The land where the house is located is the highest point. The backyard slopes to the south and southwest, and the frontyard slopes to the north and northwest.

My house, and my entire subdivision for that matter, is located within the county. There aren't any statues written unfortunately on proper water drainage.
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Location of site is in Columbia, Missouri. Storm sewer is located down the street.

Average precipitation per year: 43.42 in.
2015 precipitation: 16.61

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