Do I need a new roof?


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Do I need a new roof?

Actually, it's not my roof, but a house I'm looking at buying. The south side of the primary roof has shingles that are extremely deteriorated. Usually when I see a roof this bad I'll see a new roof going up pretty soon. I also attached a couple photos of the roof on a first floor extension of the house where the ridge lines are unusually saggy.

The main structure is 25x28 and I think it has a 30 degree roof pitch. About how much am I looking at for a new roof assuming the sheathing is good (I can inspect that from the attic)?


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I would suggest getting quotes from several qualified roofers. They will be able to spot things we cannot see from the pics. If the existing shingles need to be removed, it will be considerably more than just a second layer. The costs need to be figured into the offering price for the home.
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I never cease to be impressed how half the advice on home improvement forums is to go elsewhere for advice. Was hoping to get a few thoughts here and of course I'd eventually need to consult a roofing company but then you also have to listen to their scare tactics and sales pitches (ha!, pitch, get it?).

Would appreciate any thoughts on my inquiry that don't involve me asking someone else
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I'd say that's being pretty harsh.

Based on what I see in your pictures...... you need a new roof. I'd say it looks like the heat has pretty well baked it.

As to the framing.... this past winter we saw a significant amount more snow. It's possible that the framing has sagged or is not strong enough to carry the load.

We advise you to get three quotes so that you get a broad spectrum of options. You don't tell each company that you are getting a quote so that they give you independent advice.

Since you're contemplating buying this house.... get the prices in advance and then use them as a deduction in the price of the house.

As far as a price.... you'd need to at least tell us the square footage of the roof.
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Those shingles look beat to hell but nobody can give you a solid price in those photos. Can't tell how many protrusions, what the current flashing details are like (proper metal or goop that needs to be scraped up), accessibility to the roof, type of shingles, how far you'll go with the ice and water shield, stuff like that. We don't know the total of how many lower roofs there are over additions, porches, and patios that need to be tied into the house. No idea how the property is laid out which determines how much time and labor is involved in delivering waste to the dumpster. Any numbers thrown out here may or may not be anywhere close to what someone will give you with an on site estimate. It's a crapshoot.

If you take a close up of the flashing people could tell you if that's done correctly. If you take a close up of that vent pipe someone could tell you if that was done right. Someone could look at the alignment of the shingles and tell you if it makes sense. Someone could look at the rake and eaves and tell you if there's proper shingle over hang. A few blurry pics of the roof and a guesstimate of the square footage and slope isn't going to get you a solid estimate.
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Shingles obviously need to be replaced. As far as the last 2 photos are concerned...You probably won't find any roofers that will straighten out the sagging framing of your roof. Even if you found one that said he would "take care of it for you" I would not trust them to do it. When a hip porch like that has a bowed roof, it can usually only mean one thing... that the walls are also bowed. Too small of framing was probably used. That roof probably needs a framer. So unless they mention that they have a "framer" who will replace the rafters, you should not get a bid from them for that part of the job. Roofers are "generally" not accomplished framers. That's probably why they are still roofing. You don't want Joe Blow doing this if you want it to be straight in the end. Even then, you can only do so much- don't expect the walls to be straightened out, which would mean you rip off the ceiling, soffit, gutters, etc, etc, etc.
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Believe it or not, when someone here suggests you get estimates or answers from local sources, it's only because we're trying to help you (and possibly prevent you from otherwise making poor decisions).

And, yes, you definitely need a new roof. Keep in mind that the longer you wait (if you buy the place), the more serious and extensive the damage to structural members under the roofing is likely to be.
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It's just really frustrating that many times I'll post for info on a home improvement forum and the advice is to go somewhere else for advice. It's also nice to get advice from people whose pocketbooks don't depend on the advice.

I've done some minor roof repairs but never put on a new roof myself so I'd definitely be getting estimates and such. We'd figured on replacing the roof next summer. I'm not sure the seller is even convinced the roof has a problem.

The house has 4 roof structures all of different ages (one is only 13 years old and looks great). The main roof is most concerning. The base size is 25x28 plus ~1ft overhang all the way around and a ~30deg pitch.
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It's very simple chimpy...we don't live where you live. Costs vary greatly from area to area.

That roof needs to be stripped off and replaced. Anyone who would just would re-roof over that is a bad person. There might be problems with the decking or the structure. Estimates should be free...if not, check around.

You weren't told to go somewhere else for advice...but for quotes on the work required and the cost.

I may have taken your post wrong...if so, my apologies. Even though I'm a Mod...this is seriously one of (if not the best) DIY forums out there. I'm a pretty good DIY type...but I've learned more here than in the prior 40 yrs (sorry Dad).
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(I can inspect that from the attic)?
Probably not completely. Best practice is to tear off all shingles and felt to get to the sheathing from the top.

I would be hesitant to buy the house because of the asbestos siding.

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