Cooling attic - poor roof venting.


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Cooling attic - poor roof venting.

Our attic is always blasted / blazing HOT HOT HOT.
We have a 1900 sq. ft. house, hip roof, the attic is ~ 5ft high at the tallest, asphalt shingles, 1 powered fan, and supposedly a continous vent at the top. There's a 1 - 2" gap covered with spun underlayment. Tar paper rolls from the attic to soffit vents are pretty well crushed by roof joists. The whole blame thing looks pretty fishy to me and gets really hot really quick.
What are some recommendations better cooling / circulation?
Wind powered turbines (wind isn't a problem in KS. ),
static square plastic vent thingys (SWMBO sezs hail would love those things)
another powered fan (can't see that myself).
What's a good way to get our attic cooler?
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How much are you willing to spend ?
If you want to spend big, you could consider making your attic a conditioned space. In that case your insulation (likely spray foam) would be between the rafters. You might want to see some of the videos and blog posts on the subject put up by Matt Risinger.

I'm having a hard time visualizing what you mean by "Tar paper rolls from the attic to soffit vents are pretty well crushed by roof joists".
Are your soffit vents clear (i.e., could they be clogged with dust or cottonwood)? Do you have sufficient soffit vents?
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What kind of powered fan....gable.... thru roof ?
Normally with a continuous ridge vent you wouldn't use a powered ventilator but soffit venting is absolutely crucial. If cooler air can't get in.... hot air can't get out.

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What do you mean by hot? My limited travels in Kansas during the summer saw daytime temperatures in the 100+ range. Even the best ventilation in the world won't get your attic below ambient temperature and 10 to 20 degrees above ambient is fairly normal. At an ambient temperature of 105 degrees that could mean a minimum of 125 degrees in the attic and I would not be the least bit surprised to see 140 in an attic that has minimal ventilation.

As for the powered fan...if it is blowing outward then it is likely taking a lot of the air being moved directly from the ridge vent and NOT "scouring" the entire attic space as it would if the majority of "make-up air" was coming in through soffit or low roof vents.
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