Roofing Bids

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Roofing Bids

Hey Everybody -

I'm in the process of getting bids for a new roof. I've got it narrowed down to two I like, but am having trouble deciding. Using the same 25 year shingles, they're pretty close in price. The one who's a bit higher has been around a lot longer and seems to offer a few more things like install attic vents. The contract is spelled out a bit better too. The other roofer may do it as well, but it's not in the contract. The more expensive roofer has also offered 50 year impact resistant shingles, which I know nothing about. They say they last longer and you get a homeowners discount, but it increases the cost of the job 20%, so I'm not sure if it's worth it?

Interestingly, the roof on my house is 800 sq ft while the garage is 450 sq ft, but they charge more per sq ft for the garage than the house, which is steeper and has more stuff sticking out of it. Is this normal? Any and all help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forums! Nothing that is not in a contract will be enforceable. Are you installing 3 tab or architectural shingles? Why does the garage have more sticking out of it than the house? Certainly the house has vent stacks that the garage doesn't. Just make sure total tear off is in the contract as well as new metal flashing at chimneys and new drip edge, new vent stack boots. Do you have soffit venting? Are they planning ridge venting, which is more passive and effective to removing hot air?
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What is a "homeowner's discount"? That certainly sounds like a line of ____. If the first guy's contract isn't as clear as you would like it to be, it is legal to change it before you sign it. Just make sure that both copies, his & yours, are the same.
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Is this a standard gable roof?
When a roof is flat enough they don't need roof jacks which makes the job faster, thus the steeper pitch may well need to be bit higher.

As Chandler described, there are many little (some not so little) details that need to be done right. If either can point you to jobs they have done you can take pictures and say, I want it to look like that . Valleys are sometimes shingled across while others flash them and trim each side. Drip edge as mentioned may not survive the tear off so definitely should be included in the contract, bottom and sides.

Do you have any equipment mounted up there, dish antenna, solar, other?

The 50 year shingles are good, just get any warranty in writing and be sure it will transfer to future owners if you sell.

If you want to post some pictures I'm sure Chandler and other pros will provide more details.

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Thanks all for the replies and welcome. I believe it would be using regular three tab shingles. It's the house that's steeper and has stuff sticking out of it, not the garage, which is why I didn't understand why it would be more per sq ft to roof. One of them said they'd need scaffolding for the roof, but the garage was walkable.

I believe I already have attic vents. There's only a TV antenna, which I won't put back, a few vents and a chimney on the roof now. Both are going to remove and cap the chimney. I got a call into the insurance agent. They said they do offer a discount for impact resistant shingle discount, but they're going to get back to me on the exact amount.

What specifically should I ask be in the contract? Here's some pics of my roof and garage:

Thanks again.

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