Water damage door


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Water damage door

I installed a steel door about 2 years ago, it's been a rainy season here in Florida. I recently came across this:Name:  20150922_151423.jpg
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Size:  51.5 KB Any tips on how to fix this and stop it from happening again?
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If the door had been painted it would have been better able to stave off the moisture damage. At this point [assuming you don't intend to replace the door] I'd remove any soft wood, patch with filler, sand and apply an oil base primer with latex house paint for a top coat.
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Cut it out, weld in a new piece. Paint with with a rust converting primer and and finish with epoxy paint.

Make sure there is never standing water there but assuming there wasn't your best bet is to make sure rust can't get a foot hold. Painting with a different color primer will let you visually see when the exterior paint needs to be reapplied.
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Unless I'm looking at the pic wrong, the sheet metal is ok but the wood frame work that supports the sheet metal has decayed. Most steel door manufactures recommend painting the doors with latex. Some will void the warranty if oil base paint is used. It has to do with the thin metal expanding/contracting with temperature changes.
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Stand back and take another picture with the door closed so we can get an idea how close the threshold is to grade and what's over head, EG: Z molding, roof over hang Ect.
What's that bottom picture suppost to be?
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I recently repaired my garage door with the same problem...only mine was worse than yours.

I took the door down (removed hinge pins), laid the door across a couple of saw horses and did some "surgery".

I used a hacksaw to cut the vertical (wood) sides in two where they meet the rotted bottom board.
I then used a table saw to cut a new board from a pressure treated 2 x 4 and trimmed it to a perfect fit in the open space.
I then used Liquid Nails to coat both sides and ends of the new board, pushed it into place and then used sheet metal screws to screw through the metal near the bottom of the door and into the new wood. I placed them on approx 4" centers.
I don't have a "wiper" on the bottom of the door anymore, but that won't be a problem where I live. My concrete porch is sloped to drain out the door. I'll try to get a few pictures and post them.

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