Bad shingle installation

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Bad shingle installation

I recently had a roofer install a new nail over roof over my existing 20 year old 3 tab shingles.

The old shingles still looked good and were laying flat .

The roof pitch is 12/12 with a open cathedral ceiling. The roof construction is exposed wood beams with 2 x 6 yellow pine tongue and groove wood decking.
On top (exterior) of the 2 x 6 decking there is a 3/4" layer of double aluminun skinned foam (not styro foam) insulation.

The roofer was aware of the insulation.

The roofer did a nail over with GAF 30 year architectural shingles on top of a new layer of 30 lb. felt.

Now to the problem.
The "installers" used pneumatic nail guns to nail the roofing.
During installation, they "blew" the nail heads completely through the new shingles. This happened because the insulation was soft enough that it could not stop the nail head, and the standard roofing nail head simply passed through the new shingles and buried into the foam insulation.
If they had used a lower air pressure, the problem could have been avoided.

So now I have approx. 15 square of shingles that are just basically laying on my house without anything to prevent uplift from wind.

I haven't talked to the original "business owner salesman" as of yet because he won't come back to my house or return my calls. He has sent one of his (I'm betting illegal immigrant) "roofers" back, and he seemed surprised that I knew about the problem. I'm not a ididot, and had already climbed onto the 12/12 pitch and lifted a few shingles (approx 20 in various places) and discovered what had happened.
Every nail that I looked at is "blown through".
Apparently after talking to the "roofer", he knew that he was having the problem when he drove the first few nails and called his boss....the owner...who told him to proceed as he was.

The owner never came to inspect the work as it progressed. If I hadn't inspected the installation (I'm 64 years old and disabled) personally, I don't believe they would have ever said a word about the problem.
The shingles have "glued" themselves together after a few hot days, and it's not a problem the average homeowner would have caught.....until the roof blew off in a high wind.

My house also has a section of 5/12 pitch roof with plywood decking, and this installation is OK as far as I can tell.....other than wavy shingle lines that are not straight.

My total roof is 15 square of 12/12 pitch and 15 square of 5/12 pitch. The only money that I've paid so far was a $2000 down payment to buy the materials... The balance is still in my bank account, and will stay there until I have a proper installation of the 12/12 pitch shingles.

This will mean a tear off and re-nailing. I asked why I wasn't informed of what was happening with the nailing and had to discover myself what had happened. I told him that I would have stopped the installation immediately if I knew this was happening. He had no response to that other than the "boss" said to do it.

So i now have 15 squares of "new" shingles with a voided factory warranty and a roof that my homeowner's insurance wont cover because of shoddy work. What would you do in this situation?
Thanks for reading this long post.
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Any permit pulled for the job?
Take lots of pictures.
Send him a certified letter.
Is this guy licensed? In VA if he's licensed and will not respond to fix the issue you can contact the Board of Contractors to file a complaint.
Also report it to the BBB if it's not resolved soon.
If no one follows through with a formal complaint no one researching on who to hire will know about the shoddy workmanship.
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I'm only familiar with California.
A permit should have been pulled and this job would have stopped before it got worse.
Inspectors here drive around just looking for jobs like this, where a permit wasn't pulled.

I would do as Joe recommended, and mostly contact the state board first. Again, I'm only saying here in California, the state board can bring the hammer down on this guy.

They could also advise you on options, probably a court case.

For others: Please when hiring a contractor, make sure they are licensed and insured and pull a permit for work. Do a little research on customer satisfaction. Here's a nice roof that is pretty much useless.
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I'm in Georgia and Roofing Contractors do not have to be licensed.

Before work began, I wrote and had him sign a written agreement (Being able to research law on the internet is a wonderful thing, and there are many legal forms available) witnessed by me and my wife (at the same time in his presence) that stated as fact:
(1) He has current liability insurance that will repair any damage he does to my home,
(2) That he is responsible for paying for all materials and labor related to the job, and
(3) That he is responsible for carrying workers compensation insurance on any and every person who works on this project whether direct labor or contract labor and
(4) That he is responsible for any injuries to any of the workers whether contract or direct labor and assumes total and personal liability for anyone injured.
(5) I attached a reference to the quotation the roofer provided in this agreement. He promised a lot more than he delivered.
It also affixes a total, paid in full price for the job payable upon completion that puts a number ($) on the total amount that I am liable for when the job is completed.
I did not sign a contract with the roofer, rather he signed my contract that I and my wife witnessed. We witnessed a duplicate copy and gave it to him in his presence.
The job is not complete until I have 30 year shingles on my home.
Right now I have new, previously warranted shingles that have been installed wrong, and are not covered by the factory warranty or my homeowners insurance.

ps......It's raining right now in North Georgia where I live. This is the first rain we've had in about 5 weeks and the first since the roof was installed. I'm going into my attic to check the ridge vent that he installed and to look for any other water entry.

I have been married for 43 years, and have lived in this home for 33 of those years. I have always maintained my home well and done any needed repairs promptly. I always pay my bills and my current credit rating is above 810. I'm not looking to screw anyone.

My foremost wish is that the job had been done correctly and that the contractor was paid in full. Unfortunately that is not the case.
Thanks again for the responses.

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Your contractor should furnish you copies of insurance certificates from his insurance carrier to prove he has the stated insurance. Make sure the certificates show that coverage is current and has not expired.

This gives you proof of his insurance and also gives you the name(s) of the insurance companies in case you have to file a claim.
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I don't know what to say. It sounds like time for a lawyer, or just advice from a lawyer and then small claims court. In California, the small claims limit is $7K, no lawyers allowed.
I can't imagine you not winning this. I've only been to small claims once, a customer who "thought" I caused a certain major problem. I had nothing to do with the problem, but came very close to paying $7K. Your case is much stronger than that.

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