Gutters overflowing - Should I replace or repair?


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Gutters overflowing - Should I replace or repair?


I bought this house recently and i am not sure what kind of gutters I have, please see pictures for reference. They are some kind of metal gutters and seems very sturdy. Does anyone know what kind of gutters are these?

They are overflowing at couple of spots. I have tried to clean them but there is years of dust settled on the surface, probably the old owner didn't clean them regularly. I also wanted to know if i should salvage the gutters and get the professionally cleaned or get them replaced?

Also as you can tell I dont know too much about gutters so if you were to replace them what kind of gutters would you recommend?
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Those are ancient pg gutters. Pg = pure garbage. A 5" k stule gutter will hold 3x the water and won't overflow. 3x4 downspouts will move 2x the water that 2x3 downspouts will.

Yes, I'd say new seamless gutters are in order and you may want better drip edge over the gutters if yours is the short kind. You want what's called gutter apron.
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Thank you. Would you recommend the standard aluminium K gutters? also, I was thinking to get leaf guard, is that a good idea? for some reason, I haven't seen a lot of houses having gutters with leaf guard.
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Yes, standard K's, and while this is a DIY site, note that X said seamless, because this is one of those tasks that you can actually hire done, have the pro's roll it out to length on site and hang it, for very close to what you would spend to buy just the material and have extra joints to deal with down the road. As long as you can and are willing to clean them a few times a year, my opinion is to skip the gutter guards. Something that can be added later, if you decide that they're warranted, but they are not the be all end all that you completely ignore, because things do get past them, so the gutters still need periodic cleaning. Just one man's opinions.
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With my limited experience, I vote "yes" to gutter guards. I had both gutters and gutter guards installed on my house five years ago and have not had any problems with them.

I don't know how they would perform with different types of trees, but the leaves from the trembling aspen beside my house blow right off them. I haven't had any problems at all. But you might want to research how guards perform for the types of trees you have around your house - I have no experience with conifers, for example.

I don't know what type of guard you are looking at, but I live in a small town and the gutter-installers in the area only offered the regular gutters. My guards are the typical after-market guards (perforated, about 4 feet in length, screwed to the top of the gutter).

I was thinking last fall that I might need to unscrew them at some point to scrub off some moss, but they've already paid for themselves with the zero maintenance they've needed so far...
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Thank you all. This was very helpful especially suggestions about seamless gutters and gutter guards, I had no idea about seamless gutters until now.
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