Mysterious water leak!


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Question Mysterious water leak!

Hello DIY community...frustrated home owner here

I have water leaking into my outer brick wall, soaking the insulation and appearing as water drips in the basement. After a heavy rain the equivalent of a glass of water will pool on the basement floor. The wall cavity that is wet also contains a vent pipe for a basement rough-in that runs right up to the attic (and connects to the main vent in the attic so this pipe does not exit the roof), and it is the hole cut into the sill plate for this vent pipe that allows the water to reach the basement.

I have ruled out an internal plumbing leak, and have spent lots of time in the attic during heavy rain to rule out a roof leak. I am stumped as to how water is making it behind the brick veneer. I have cut into the walls on the main floor and second level and have only found evidence of water on the main level.

This same 16" wall cavity that is wet is also the cavity where the kitchen stove exhaust vent exits the wall - my theory is that this cutout for the vent is not water sealed and it is at this point the water running behind the brick bypasses the house wrap and into the inner wall. Still no clue how the water is getting behind the brick in the first place. I understand that brick is porous (especially concrete brick which is what i have) and rain water can naturally get sucked behind the brick, but i would suspect this would not occur in large quantity.

I had an "expert" in water leaks come by with his infrared imaging and moisture meters, and he confirmed everything i have stated above but was also baffled as to how the water is getting behind the wall. His thinking was that water was leaking behind the eaves and onto the soffit, running along the soffit towards the wall and behind the brick. This seemed most plausible, but after going back up in the attic during a rain, i confirmed the soffits were all dry. Forgot to mention that the house is 5 yrs old and issue free except for this leak.

Appreciate any ideas anyone may have. The expert told me it isn't much water and i should just live with it since it isn't causing mold issues (yet!), but i am looking to finish my basement, and can't live with it!
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Post a picture of the outside of the house on the side that's leaking, no close ups needed.
Is there an over hang on the shingles?
Drip edging?
Been on the roof to see it the vent seal is shot?
Is there gutters and are they clear of leaves?
How far do the down spouts come out away from the house?
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Roof is very steep at this point, so can't see roof in this picture, but shingles do overhang and there is drip edging.
The gutters are clean - no large trees in the subdivision - and downspouts are on the opposite ends (far from the area that is wet).
You'll notice in the picture that the brick looks wet at the kitchen exhaust vent.
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Here is a shot of the soffit from the attic so you can see the top of the brick wall and its proximity to the soffit/gutters

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anyone have any thoughts/ideas?

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