Patching a "bad spot" in a roof, to add one year of life.

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So I've read the how-to's on how to replace a shingle. What about replacing a score of shingles? And how about replacing a few square feet of decking while I am at it?

What I am asking is, that by my logic, it should be the same general operation, except on a slightly bigger scale. Am I asking for trouble here?

The problem is this. My elderly grandmother has a small house, about 900 sq ft, with a medium pitch. At one spot on the roof, there is this little pothole, maybe 1 ft sq. I'd say it dips "below sea-level" about 2 inches at the lowest point. Obviously, it leaks there, and she has some water damage on the ceiling of the bedroom below.

The house was built in 1938, and features cedar decking. I can see the bad spot in the deck by crawling in the attic, but I can't work there, because there is not enough room. But it appears that two boards are bad.

My plan is to pull off the singles, one by one, similar to how you pull off shingles when you replace just the one. Then I want to cut out a small piece of the decking, replace it with plywood, then put matching shingles in place, where the old ones are now.

I'm hoping to add maybe one year to the life of the roof. Can someone tell me if I am an idiot?

Oh, also, this is the second round of shingles for this roof, so I'd have to pull both layers and replace both layers. Thought I should mention that. Thanks.

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This is too much work for one year roof. Do it right. Be a good grandson.

I would use cedar again not plywood.

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