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Frost King gutter guard flexible 6" screen rolls for leaf guard - How to mount?

Frost King gutter guard flexible 6" screen rolls for leaf guard - How to mount?


Old 08-22-16, 08:17 AM
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Frost King gutter guard flexible 6" screen rolls for leaf guard - How to mount?

I have an outside garage with about 24 foot of gutters on each side and with assorted leafy trees near - one particularly close is a 60-80 ft. Black Walnut. Of course this means in the Fall about 4 trips with the ladder to clean out the gutters.
A forum search here, pointed me to Frost King Gutter Guard at Lowe's for about $4 bucks for a 6" x 20' roll, a flexible plastic screen that allows water to pass.
But the gutter brackets sold for it only fits one specific gutter manufacturer - they don't work on my gutters.
I discovered on the upper side I can reach from the ground that I could lift gently on the first course roof shingle and place about an inch of the Gutter Guard between the shingle and the top of the drip edge. This allowed the outer edge of the Gutter Guard to 'rest' on the outside lip of the K-gutter.

Just as a concept test, I also found some pieces of vinyl siding edge-moulding for going around windows and corners - the L-shape would snap onto the top outside edge of the gutter with the nailing-holes surface of vinyl strip serving as place where I can tie the Gutter Guard screen to fasten it down.
Definitely not pretty and won't hold up to hard weather but I just want to get some idea of How to attach the Gutter Guard more reliably.

I'm thinking now of some kind of 3/4"x1" rectangular cross-section solid strip that could be fastened to the top of the gutter-hangers (which are fascia mounted and not visible from the ground). The strip closest to the wall would need a 'Z'-shaped stand-off (around 2 1/2" height mounted @16" intervals on the top of the strip. Where strips meet, they'd have to have 1" lap-joints.
The strip mounted on the front of the gutter hangers could be a little smaller and thinner as it just needs to hold the front of the Gutter Guard down.

So what I'm needing is some advice for the strips and the 'Z-standoffs' mounted on the top of the inner strip. Something easily workable, shapeable but resistant to rain/ice.
Hoping someone else has done something similar.
Old 08-22-16, 10:18 AM
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I had a few black walnut trees. They are one of the messiest trees with the walnuts.

I'm not the pro here but have been looking at gutter protection for a while.
While working at customers house's I've seen different protection used.

That plastic type gutter guard doesn't appeal to me. It wouldn't stay tucked into the front edge of the gutter and it kept collapsing down into the gutter.

I recently saw what looks to be a fine stainless steel screen. The back slips up to shingles and the front edge was held down to the gutter with small screws. This was at my customers son's house. He's had them for two years and has never picked them up. His father has had them for many years and has never had to clean under them either.

Unfortunately it appears to be a dealer installed only item and no.... I AM NOT plugging for them. I'm tired of the usual guards that just don't work.
LeafFilter Products and Technology

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With that mesh stuff its usually best to stick it inside the front lip of the gutter, then use zip ties to secure it to each bracket.

Depending what kind of trees you have, you may like it or you may not. Pine needles and maple seeds are particularly horrible with the mesh style of gutter guards.
Old 08-23-16, 11:55 AM
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Reply to PJmax & XSleeper

Thanks guys.

The Leaf Filter gutter guard looks great and I even copied the PDF manual from their website. Looks like we have a company location in Pittsburgh PA which is close enough to my location.
I'll definitely want this next year when I plan on replacing our home's current vinyl gutters. They're 30 years old and starting to crack from age and wear.

The installation of the Leaf Filter system gave me some ideas for using the Frost King plastic gutter guard on my outside garage - especially the problematic mounting on the front and rear of the aluminum gutters.
Looks like using some of the vinyl siding cut into 1/2" wide strips with aluminum sheet metal to fasten the front might work good and not look too bad. Not really going to be visible anyway.
I still have the issue with getting the fascia side mounting elevated to simply wash the leaves over the top of the filter - but there may be some wiring fence off-set brackets that might work. I'll stop by Tractor Supply and take a look at what they have.

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