firewood shack roof waterproofing


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firewood shack roof waterproofing

I want to use this corner between houses to build a little firewood shack - I am going to use the three existing walls, just need a roof and probably a door of some sort.

This spot is 3ft wide, I was thinking to mount a 3ft by 3ft piece of something at a 20 degree angle so that water and snow would not stay there. What would be the best material for me and how can I waterproof between the existing putty walls and my new roof?

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It would be a lot more simple if you would eliminate the door and just make the roof a little longer for more overhang.

I would probably attach a 2x6 ledger to 3 sides, add a subfascia. Then add a rafter in the middle. Add a nicer fascia in front, such as a cedar 1x8. Put plywood on top, felt paper, metal drip edge and shingles. Use step flashing on each row of shingles to flash to the wall. Once you reach the top, you will need a wall flashing in back. Once that is done, you just need to apply counter flashing to the walls. On a masonry wall, this is done with a termination bar. Google it to find a supplier in your area. Some box stores have it. You will need to use a good roofing adhesive like Geocel 2300 to seal the termination bar to the wall.
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Thank you XSleeper, that's a great advice and all the important keywords!

Made some progress with the frame and still trying to choose what's the best roofing approach. I like your idea of making the roof longer. Unfortunately my roof would have to be 37 inches wide and it looks like a lot of rolled stuff is 3 feet wide. With new roof length of 48 inches my concern is reaching all the way up - that's why I got the plywood cut as two 37x24 pieces.

shingles need to be laid from bottom to top, right? My hands are too short to lay 4 feed of shingles with only front access.

I believe wind and UV are the main harsh forces destroying this future roof? Since direct sun is never reaching this corner and wing is hopefully less of an issue again because of the three walls, I wonder if any simpler roof material would be good enough?
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I want to use this corner between houses
I take it that one house is yours and the other is a neighbors ?
Better make sure of no leaks.

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