Water from downspout has no where to go

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Water from downspout has no where to go

So our situation is the downspout is on the corner of the garage and drains into the flowerbed. Unfortunately, two feet away is the driveway and the walkway and this gets very icy in winter. The downspout is very far away from the house and not concerned about water against foundation.

So my husband's solution is to line the flowerbed walls with plastic to a couple feet down. I think he thinks the water drains downwards eventually. But I'm 100% sure that the frozen ground will not let this drain and will spill overtop.

We both don't want to build an ugly downspout going overhead on a trellis/arbour. My idea is to dig the downspout underground. The problem is the ground freezes to 7 ft so that's too deep to hand dig. There is no way to get a bobcat in to dig without tearing up the walkway and the fence.

I think I would only be able to dig 3 1/2 feet down (our soil is extremely hard to dig, mostly clay and rock). I Was going to put coorgated pipe down underneath the walkway about 3/ 1/2 ft down and 4 ft from house, then backfill with coarse gravel . What I think would happen though is water will just eventually fill it up, expand and break the pipe due to the shallow depth.

Suggestions would be appreciated.
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You could look into renting what's called a "Ditch Witch" and see how deep of a narrow trench that would allow you to create . . . . they are only 18 to 24" wide (as I recall).
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Is it feasible to pipe the drain away from the house and empty out elsewhere or is your yard fairly flat?
pics could be helpful - http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...-pictures.html

btw - welcome to the forums!
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Given your climate, I'm concerned that piping may freeze in colder weather creating a bigger problem. To avoid this you'll need to lay your pipe at a sufficient angle to guarantee complete drainage. That sounds difficult to achieve to me.

I'm not familiar with them, but there are ground heaters available and you only have to heat the flowerbed space. That may be an option to build on your husband's plan. You would only need heat occasionally.

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What about some type of barrier between the flower bed and the driveway and sidewalk? Maybe landscape timbers or stone to direct the water away from the concrete.
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Sounds like you are looking for easy solutions to fix what was originally a poor job of grading around the house. Any sort of drain tile is going to freeze up solid if the ground around it is frozen.

IMO I would call a landscaper who could actually look at it (we can't see it without pictures) and see if they have ideas to regard that area. With the use of a transit, they could probably figure out the best path for the water to take to get it away from the house. And mark's idea of a barrier is a good one, since it would force the water in another direction. But if the ground outside the driveway is higher than the driveway, you are fighting a downhill battle and would need to change the grade around the driveway.
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FWIW...I also have a similar situation where the down spout drains to my sidewalk that curves into my driveway at the bay doors. During the winter I just don't use that entrance. I drain the roof water to the adjacent lawn effectively blocking the walkway.

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Best option is to tie all down spouts to in ground pipe and drain away from the house. But as noted you need to have 3-5' of drop to allow the water to drain away.

Depth of pipe is not big issue as long as you have sufficient vertical drop. I have one downspout in the front that does not have a lot of drop till it turns the corner. The only time it froze was during polar vortex of 2013.

Other than that a temp extension away from the house would help.

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