Peel and Seal adhesive roll roofing


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Peel and Seal adhesive roll roofing

I just put up a wood shed next to the main building. The roof deck is made of 3/4" plywood barely one week old, total deck area is 5'X10'. Right now I have it covered with a piece of tarp. The slope of the roof is about 1" per foot.

A few years ago I put up a lean to wood shed in my other house and that one I used felt and shingles, worked OK but this time I want to try something different.

I have been looking at this self adhesive multiple ply roll roofing from MFM called "Peel and Seal".

MFM Peel & SealŪ - Aluminum - Roofing Membranes 50036 : MFM Cart

It's being carried by Lowes, Amazon comes in varies widths and lengths. I purchased a large roll of 36" wide by 33.5' long aluminum for under $100 at Lowes and ready to roll. The weather is nice in South Florida not too hot yet in the 70s and hasn't been raining much lately.

I read the instructions, looked at a few youtube videos, reviews by users and also spoke to the manufacturer's tech support...and I am getting conflicting answers so I'd figure I will throw it out here and get some feedback.

(1) Can it be used off the shelf and stick to the roof deck just like that? Or do you need some help with the adhesion? MFM told me yes just remove the paper backing and push it onto the wood deck. Yet their "FAQ" says adhesion can be enhanced by using a coat of asphalt primer. And they also sell a "companion" product which is a can of aerosol spray adhesive designed to be used with the product. On Youtube videos I saw installers (some DIY some professional roofers) used a heat gun after the sheet is down to "help melt the adhesive". One other roofer used a blow torch on the seams between two overlapping layers.

(2) Since I need to cover 5'X10' and the product is 36"X33.5', the normal way to do this is to cut two strips of 10'. Lay the lower course across the bottom, which covers 36" out of the 60", then put down the upper course with a 12" overlap in the middle. When I am done I will have a left over piece of over 10' long I have no use for. The MFM tech told me left over pieces stored away will most likely not be useful after a while as the adhesive loses it's self sticking properties after a while so don't expect to toss it into the garage for 3 years and use it then for some emergency leak repairs. For this reason I am toying with the idea of using it all. For example, I could lay three courses instead of two with a 24" overlap, or I could lay the first course as planned, then trim 12" off the second strip, to cover the upper 24" with no overlap. Then lay a third strip on top, covering the seam and with a 12" overlap over the first course...or some other way of using it up.

(3) I have already installed 3" aluminum drip edges around the shed. So I can just trim the membrane right at the edge and be done with it. I wonder if it would be better to overshoot the membrane by say 2" all the way around, so that when I finished installing the top, using a roller or whatever to smooth everything out, instead of trimming the edges I just fold the excess 2" over the drip edge to give it some extra protection? Or will the folding action cause the adhesion on the top side not as effective as it can be?
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I've used that product on motor home roofs. Never on a fresh wood roof. It has a LOT of stick. With your ambient heat.... I don't see the need for a primer.
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Just my opinions:

1) If this product is anything close to the sitckyness of a ice and water shield membrane, it will stick just fine. That stuff is STICKY!!

2-3) If this is just a flat roof, with no peak, I think your 12" overlap is fine. I also think overlapping the drip edge by 2" is a good idea.
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The instructions pretty much say to prime... tape joints prior to application. Also I would say 1/2" would be a good amount to leave as overhang. 2" would catch the wind. And speak in of wind, I know its just a shed but keep in mind thu product is probably not approved for use by Miami/Dade in case you are in a hurricane area.

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