Hanging long sections of aluminum gutters

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Hanging long sections of aluminum gutters

I am looking to hang a section of gutter that will be about 40' in length. On the smaller sections of my house I was able to pre-assemble the gutters using sealant and pop rivets on the ground then hang them. Is there a certain technique when hanging longer sections?

I can see problems arise if I was to put up a section at a time then trying to connect them with the pop rivets. I would not be able to drill a hole and use the pop rivets on the back side of the gutter where it sits flush with the fascia board?

I hope this makes sense to some professional out there reading this haha.

Thank you for any assistance.
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At least one helper is about the only way to lift that long a section without risk of your joints popping apart.
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How steep is your roof? Could you assemble the gutter on the roof and roll down over the roof edge into place? Temporary brackets to support the gutter while fastening would be helpful.
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Sections too long to handle in one piece can be done in sections up in the air. Take some rope and make a sling that is attached under a roof shingle. Make several slings 8 feet apart, thread the sections through the slings and have them in place ready to bring them together. If your house has wooden soffits, you can nail scrap lumber that cantilevers out past the fascia buy say 8" and create a continuous shelf of guttering all at the same height. Do a cantilever every 6 feel or so and double up near your joits to hold both sides in place. As you install, remove the shelves as you go along.
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It always amazes me that people will still assemble gutters with joints like we did 40 years ago... when you could have someone come out and run you a long section of seamless gutter and leave it for you to install for about 4 bucks a foot.

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