New roof, new caulk, still leaking

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I have had a recurring leak in my 85 year old San Francisco home over the last several years.

First I noticed some serious gaps around the windows and had them well sealed. Still leaked.

Then I had a section of roof replaced. Still leaked.

Then I had the ENTIRE roof replaced. Still leaked.

Water tests show that the culprit is likely small gaps in the siding/calking.

The problematic sections of siding are exposed to the southern sun, wind and full force of rain when it storms.

I have recaulked siding several times but I expect it will continue to crack everytime I caulk.

Should I have another layers of siding/shingles (with an underlying waterproof membrane) installed in this area? Seems to me that is the only solution at this point.
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sounds to me like you have a break in your there any way you can take up the shingles that butt up to the siding?should be some aluminum or galvanized metal that goes out onto the roof and under the siding.that is usually the problem with leaky walls.check that out if it is bad ie holes rusty etc post back and can tell you how to fix ,if not have another idea but check that first
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Thanks for your reply

The flashing is in good shape. All new installed with new roof about 6 months ago.

I really think it's a siding issue especially based on water tests I've done. When blasting the roof and the side of the house with a hose, it only leaks now when the hose water is hitting the siding.

So the question is, do I add another hopefully more waterproof layer over the existing siding. This seems to me the best solution. I live in a San Francisco row house and to do this work I have to get onto my neighbor's roof so a top to bottom replacement of the existing siding is impossible.

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ok i am not familar with san fran or row houses but what i would do is take the bottom few courses2-3ft off.there is a product called ice and water shield comes in 3ft sticks to just about anything especialy itself if its hot out.cut 3-4ft pieces off the roll and stick it to the sheathing covering the flashing.go all the way up the wall and if the flashing is in good shape and applied correctly that will stop your wall leak.i dont understand how you cannot get on your nieghbors roof to fix yours here we have a law(?) rule, code ,whatever you want to call it that you have the right- the legal right to do maintance on your property whether the nieghbor likes it or not.just reread this i dont mean all the way up to the peak just all the way -3'up but the entire lenghth of the roof.hope this helps

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