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Year-old storm damage to roof: how much water damage to expect?

Year-old storm damage to roof: how much water damage to expect?

Old 12-13-17, 12:56 AM
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Year-old storm damage to roof: how much water damage to expect?

I am in the process of buying a house that has storm damage to the roof that is about a year old. The damage is from a tree that fell on the house. Nobody ever repaired the damage, but there has been a cover over the hole for most of the year. At some point in the past several weeks the cover was completely destroyed b and the hole is now exposed. Also, I dont know how well they covered it initially because they nailed the cover into the top of the shingle instead on putting it underneath the shingle.

What should I expect as far as water damage and that sort of thing? This home is in Washington state where it is pretty rainy, and there is an actual hole from the tree where rain can just pour in.

Thanks for any advice.

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Old 12-13-17, 03:07 AM
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Welcome to the forums!

Hard to say site unseen. You really need to get in the attic to inspect. The hole needs to have a temporary cover until a permanent fix can be done!
Old 12-13-17, 03:57 AM
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What materials are likely to be damaged? Insulation and that sort of stuff? Or should I be worried about more serious damage? I'm just trying to find some very rough way to estimate potential costs.
Old 12-13-17, 04:22 AM
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Depending on the amount of exposure it could very sever or minor. The only way to find out is to inspect. New plywood roofing is most likely a must. Insulation may be bad, mold may be starting, Water will travel down wood into walls. From there you might have wall damage. Possible electrical damage if water was to get in a socket.

How are you buying this house? Is it a bank auction? Is it from the previous owners? Through a realtor? This is a clear case of inspection before any commitment is made.
Old 12-13-17, 04:54 AM
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Have you been to the property to inspect it yourself ?
Old 12-14-17, 10:45 AM
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Here's some background. The house is actually owned by an estate of which I am a beneficiary. The other beneficiary is my brother who is the executor who has neglected his duties for years and allowed the property to fall apart. Basically, I can either buy out my brother's half and fix the property up, or allow the estate to sell the property "as-is" for almost nothing. I basically need to charge my brother for the damage by paying him less, but I'm worried I may not be charging him enough. For the roof, I think I only budgeted in $5000 or something because someone had led me to think that, if anything, it would probably only be insulation that would need to be replaced.

I've been to the house, but I've only viewed the damage from the top and from the ladder leading to the attic. I haven't climbed all the way to the hole and looked at it up close yet, but I'm planning on doing that tomorrow. Perhaps I will take pictures. I've been through the rooms underneath and couldn't see any sign of damage to the drywall or anything. From a distance the hole looks like it might be two feet in diameter, or possibly twice that.

Ultimately it just comes down to guessing at this point. I would hate to find out that the damage will cost me $10,000 more than I guessed because all that money comes out of my pocket, and I'd really hate to find out that it will cost $80,000 or something that might make the whole project not worthwhile.
Old 12-14-17, 03:52 PM
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Really need some one that has a clue on site to look at this one.
How old are the shingles?
What type shingles?
Waste of time trying to do just a patch job on 3 tab 20 year old shingle as an example.
Did it break a rafter?
Where working blind here, we have no location, not one picture
Old 12-14-17, 06:53 PM
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Pictures are definitely helpful....... How-to-insert-pictures

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