Identifying basement water issue


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Identifying basement water issue

Can anyone help identify this issue? Water appears under a couple of our poured concrete tie rod snapoff areas.

It never really gets any worse than this, though we haven't had any monster rains or anything. Maybe a few inches of rain over a week.

I also noticed some dampness around one corner when oddly enough it was not raining, but had rained about 3 days prior.

We don't get any water, just the dampness. Can anyone identify the issue and help with a solution that I should look into?

​​​​​​Thank you so much

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mere's my identification of your problem - you're getting water in your bsmnt,,, 3d prior means the soil absorbs most but, finally, becomes saturated to capacity so you then get the addl runoff,,, make sure your downspouts discharge 10' from the house AND there's positive drainage for same distance,,, probably won't resolve it alone but a good 1st step
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Can anyone identify the issue
So as noted the issue is water. so as prior response first defense is removing as much water away from foundation.

So once that is done next is confirming sump pump is functioning properly!
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different monitor evidently as i didn't read where the op had a sump & pump,,, try a mtl called 'kryton' or 'xypex' - should do the trick !
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We see this application every week. After your walls were poured (not sure how old your walls are?) your exterior wall ties below grade should have been patched/covered. International Code Council ( requires the ties to be patched. There are a couple unknowns here: how old is your house/walls, what type of water/dampproofing coating was applied or not applied, is a drain system installed, is the moisture problem on just one wall or more than one wall, what's the down spout positioning and is the grade sloped away from your exterior walls? Knowing this would help. I would not apply any product on the interior wall. Most products are topical products that sit on the surface. They are normally white in appearance but the problem w/ a topical product on the interior wall is hydrostatic water pressure or moisture will just pop or flake it off. It's a waste of your time and money.

Bottom line - you have moisture traveling past the ties, through your interior wall. Moisture is going to rust, expand your ties and concrete degradation will occur. Meaning the tie area will get worse bc of the tie rusting and more moisture will occur bc the rust will expand your concrete. Eventually you can get mold issues. Your problem is on the outside wall. Unfortunately the cost to excavate the grade/dirt away from the exterior wall can be costly. If you can do it yourself that would help. From there you can determine was a water/dampproof product applied, drain system installed, etc. Trying to fix the problem from the interior side will be a band aid. Not sure if hydraulic cement, crack injections will help you long-term. Your moisture issue on the corner appears to be hydrostatic water pressure. Drain systems can clog, collapse, etc. which causes this water pressure to build on the exterior wall. Deco 20 Clear Penetrating Sealer will help stop interior moisture and won't pop or flake off. If it were me - the real solution is to fix the problem on the exterior side. Clean the dirt off the wall, patch the ties, fill any concrete cracks larger than hairlines, apply or reapply an ICC approved waterproofing/dampproofing product and make sure the drain system is working properly. Best of luck to you!

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