Water leak in room below balcony, leak or condensation?


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Water leak in room below balcony, leak or condensation?

Hello, new to the forum and I hope i can get some help on solving our problem. We bought our new house last winter and all and trim was freshly painted and probably few things were patched to get it it ready for sale. Above out kitchen dining area we have a balcony that's exposed to the elements. It's basically the second floor master bedroom has a 10x11ft balcony thats flat and has a drain in the middle which is connected to PVC pipe that drains outside thew house.
Its obvious previous owners had the same problem because we saw pictures of the balcony with tiles but when we bought the house there was no tile but the whole balcony is covered with black water barrier material that's goes about 10 inches high on the sides and its pitched towards the middle where the drain is installed. there are no holes and only place water can go is the drain. But it feels like there is few BUBBLES formed so it looks little uneven. First hot day last summer I went up to install some clip-on wood balcony tile so I was walking around the balcony a lot and steeped over those areas where the black water barrier has bubbled up. Soon after we noticed water started to leak down the chandelier above out kitchen table. It was dripping for good few hours. So i gave up on the project until we figured what the problem was. After it stopped dripping we didn't have the problem until we got a big rain storm one night and drain got clogged which caused a pull of water to accumulate on the balcony and started leaking a lot again. After i unclogged the drain it dripped again for few hours and stopped. I had a guy come over a take a look and he advised to remove the drain all together and redo the balcony to be pitched towards outside ( which means removing the wall towards the outside of the house to allow the water to drain the gutters). Pretty expensive estimate so asked for second opinion and was told there is issue but problem was in the drain and needs to be resealed better. We did that and I dont think that changed anything, as we got the leak happen again and this time on a super hot sunny day with no rain(condensation?), We decided to do the project this spring( we had no water leak all winter but as soon the temps climbed above zero it happened again, has been leaking for 3 days now ver slowly. which led me to believe that the water was already there but frozen and now its slowly defrosting so will be leaking until all the ice there has melted.
Sorry for the long post, but anted to hear some opinions, i can even post pictures of what it looks like. does it seam like the drain is the problem or more of a bad condensation problem. thank you

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current situation

balcony tile is removed and has a water barrier installed,
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Could be some of both. I would open the ceiling up ASAP and see if you find any frost or mold inside. (Do it before it all melts!) The epdm is a vapor barrier and there is no ventilation there, plus possibly inadequate insulation. Opening up the ceiling will be the best way to pinpoint any problem area if there is a leak. The location of the leak should be obvious when viewed from below.

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