roof anchor question


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roof anchor question

I have a 10 year-old home with original shingle roof. I climbed up the other day and notice along the edge of the roof there are fabric loops under the shingles that protrude just past the edge into the eavestrough. There is also one at the apex of the roof. They seem to be pretty well fastened as there is no give when I pull on them.

1) Are these safety anchors installed by the builder?

2) If they are safety anchors, should I trust them enough to attach my own safety harness to or should I nail my own metal roof anchor to a rafter when I'm on the roof?
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I have only seen such things on modular built homes. They are lifting points to attach a crane to the house sections. I have never heard or seen nylon/polyester webbing being used as fall protection anchorages. In either case I would not rely on them for safety. There is no telling how much they have weakened after 10 years sun exposure.
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