Roof Leak on Outside of home - advice request

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Roof Leak on Outside of home - advice request

Part of our roof leaks on the outside of the home. It was like that when we bought the house and pretty much ignored it for years since it was outside of the home.

But recently I found that the wood/siding in that part of the home has dry rot, mainly because of the leak.

Contractor came out and said he can replace the dry rotted boards but it would be better to stop the leak first before doing that.

Brought some roofers out and all of them tried to sell me to replace the entire roof for thousands of dollars. I had a roof guy I trust come out and he said they're trying to rip me off, all I need is to replace the wood and reseal the roof on that part of the roof.

Unfortunately, most of these guys won't do it until next spring. So I have to go thru a full rainy winter with this problem.

So trying to find a quick solution. The leak drips down into a 2/3 inch opening/crevice before hitting the siding. I wanted to put something there in the crevice between the leak and siding that will abosrb the water before it reaches the siding.

Do you know of a product or a material I can slide in there that will absorb the water?

I found this on Amazon but not sure if it will do the job :

All I am looking for is during a rain storm, something that will absorb the water enough that it'll stop the rain water from getting to the siding. If the product gets too soggy and starts to leak itself, i can always replace it with a dry one.
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Don't know all the details but I suggest you put down a tarp until a roofer can fix the leak. Then replace the rotten siding as suggested earlier.
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Need a picture so we can see what your seeing so we can suggest a way to fix this once and for all.
Resealing as your trusted friend suggested sounds like a patch job to me.

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