A Mysterious Gutter Leak

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A Mysterious Gutter Leak

Hey Guys, Im having this issue that two gutter companies haven't been able to help with. As you can see on the pics below, every time it rains, a water stain appears on the brick below the gutter.

We've tried caulking, installed a kickout flashing, expanded the gutter, nothing seems to works.

I'm thinking it has to do with the space at the bottom of the gutter where it meets the brick.

Any thoughts?
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First thing, is the gutter sloped back toward the house?

Calking usually doesn't work, the gutter sealers do a much better job.

I had a leak at an inside corner and I tried everything, even that crappy flex seal junk.

Finally I just got in there an spent an hour removing all the sealers, cleaned the metal till it was spotless, replied the correct sealer and no leak! Also need to check if it's leaking through one of the rivets.

Water takes the path of least resistance, so there is a leak somewhere!
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The gutter end cap (brick wall end) is not sealed to the gutter and/or the flashing where the roof bottom meets the brick wall (at the gutter)is missing. Either/ both should be easy to fix..
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Have you been there when the gutter companies did their inspection? I suspect the difficult location might have limited their investigation.

It's probably a simple matter of someone getting up there with a garden hose and turning on the water. The source of the problem should be easy to spot especially since there are only a couple things that could be the problem.

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The gutter looks like it is sloped in the correct direction but should be checked with a level.

Why is that vertical metal piece at the end of the gutter?
Is it overflowing there?

You said a kick out flashing, was this Attached to the brick just about at the gutter so that any water running down beside the wall was directed away from the wall and into the gutter?
Or did you mean something else.

Check it while it is raining perhaps that will show what is actually happening and not just the result.
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Maybe I'm not seeing correctly, but it looks like the staining starts about 1/3 (maybe 1/2?) the way up at the connection between that roof and the brick wall??? If so, I would think your issue starts higher up than at the gutter.

It's a little high, but I'd start by setting up a small sprinkler on the roof and letting it run to get a better idea of where the water issue is starting. I'd start low and work my way up the roof until the problem shows itself.
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Pretty sure this is a step flashing problem. I have never in my life seen brick land on to of a shingled roof where there is no step flashing and counter flashing. You appear to just have a bunch of mortar crammed between the brick and the shingles.

And what you are calling a kick out is not a kick out. A kick out goes under the step flashing, which yours probably does not. Photos of the area from above are what we would need to see.

Is this the original roof?
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Thank you so much for all your replies! I guess Im going to do the following and see if it corrects the issue:

1. Step/Counter Flashing
2. Correct Kickout Flashing
3. Use gutter sealant at the edge of the gutter meeting the brick and make sure its level.

Hope this works LOL ))

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