Needed: Out-of-the-box advice on a unique roofing problem


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Needed: Out-of-the-box advice on a unique roofing problem

Hi! Hereís the situation: Believe it or not, a raccoon actually created a hole in my roof. Yes, in the roof itself, so that water can pour in! Right now thereís a tarpaulin up there, as Iím trying to take all the necessary measures to prevent raccoons from gaining access to the roof in the future before undertaking a permanent repair of the hole.

It appears the raccoons have two routes to the roof: one is some vines that go up the sides of the house. All those will be removed. But itís the second route that I believe is the main one they use and itís the one that Iím seeking a good solution for. The way my roof is structured is a little unusual. The eave between the first and second story of the house doesnít stay between the first and second story but instead rises to join the main roof of the house. Yes, thereís an approximately two-foot wide shingled path that provides a perfect runway to the main roof for the raccoons, so they donít have to use their climbing skills, but can effortlessly trot right up to the main roof. This is the case on both the left and right sides of the eave and in the front and rear of the house-- itís perfectly symmetrical, so we have a total of four raccoon runways.

Iíve included a photo of the scene-- my house is NOT the house in the center of the photo, but the one to its right, where youíre viewing the left side of my house. I drew in a black arrow which shows one of the four runways from the eave to the main roof. Thereís some distortion in the photo but I think you can get the idea.

So my question is: what is the simplest effective way to prevent the raccoons from using any of these four runways to the main roof? Since Iím a novice when it comes to roofing-- and even more of a novice when it comes to ways of stymieing raccoons-- all my ideas probably wouldnít work or would be too difficult to implement so I wonít even mention them. One important note: I don't care how this raccoon-blocker looks, I'm only concerned about keeping the raccoons off the roof-- so if what you're suggesting doesn't have a great appearance but will work, fine!
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You are probably wasting your time if you are thinking you can completely keep critters off your roof. But there may be things you can do. If you have trees nearby you need to trim them far back. People plant trees far to close to the house and when they get tall they are a great ladder. So trees of that sort should be cut down. Also cut vines away.
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It helps to have a good picture of the problem. It looks there are many ways to get on the roof.

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