Fixing a sump drainage PVC pipe

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Question Fixing a sump drainage PVC pipe

I recently noticed that after I hear my sump pump kick on in the crawl space, I hear a sucking air sound. It was happening a lot during the spring, but I wasnt sure exactly what it was. Now that its nice outside, I see there is a spot of exposed PVC pipe. Does this mean there is a crack somewhere right around the visible pipe and thats where the air is likely sucking in? Ive attached pictures. The entire distance from the house to the drainage field is about 30 feet. If it is in fact cracked, would it be possible to just dig up a small part or would I need to dig up the entire length of pipe to replace? Thanks in advance.
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For some reason you chose not to post your location in your profile so where all going to have to guess that the issue really is.
#1, That is one huge pipe for just a sump pump, most use 1-1/2".
#2, PVC will degrade and crack when exposed to sun light.
#3, PVC will crack is there's standing water in it if there's not enough slope and it gets below 32 deg's.
#4, Not there to see what your totally dealing with, but If it was my home I'd have a real issue why this line was even ran above ground coming out of the foundation.
Please post a picture of what's going on under the home at the sump pump.
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The pipe on the outside of the house should not make a sucking sound. Perhaps you heard water spraying out of the crack. I would cut out the damaged section and replace it. If you only cut out that section you will need Fernco style rubber boot couplings to fit the replacement section of pipe in place and be able to connect it.

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If you had a crack in the discharge piping..... there would be water coming out.
If the pump runs a lot the ground would be saturated.

A sucking air noise could be a leaking check valve at the sump pump.
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PJmax - the pump did run a lot in the spring and ALL of the ground in the area was wet, so it was hard to tell for sure, but now that it is dry, the pump hardly runs at all.

joecaption - thanks for the response. I just joined this site, I didn't realize there was that much info that goes into the profile but I will update that now that I see it. I live in Minnesota. It is actually 1 1/2 inch pipe. Not sure why it was run like that above ground but I just bought the house less than a year ago so I'm fixing things as I go (major reason I joined this website). Here are some more pictures.
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