Looking for advice on Sunroom leaks

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Looking for advice on Sunroom leaks

We have a sunroom with two leaks that we have been fighting for several years. I have done some caulking outside but at best I am making educated guesses. Caulking the edge on the inside where the wall meets the floor will fix the issue for a year or so, but it keeps coming back. My wife would like to get new flooring for most of the house, so I would really like to get this figured out.

We tried to get a servicer for this two years ago, but no one would call us back. Evidently the job was too small or they were too busy with new installs.

This is in Tarpon Springs, FL.

LEAK #1 - Back Door
This leak is coming from under the threshold in the area I have marked in pic #2. I removed the caulk I had placed along the edge of the threshold to try and track the leak. I am hesitant to remove the threshold because two of the three screws are already gone and I assume the third will break.

I recently did some additional caulking on the outside (see pic #3). I also recaulked the outer edge of the threshold to the stucco wall on the right and flashing on the left.

Without knowing how these walls are constructed, I just don't know enough of what to look at. I certainly don't want to start taking things apart unless I know I can put them back together in the same day (before any rains)

LEAK #2 - Left Corner
This one is more obvious. The concrete slab has a large crack in it and I have no doubt that the leak inside is due to it. I have cleaned it out as best as I can. I don't want to just shove some caulk or tar in there only to do it again in a year or two. What is the right way to fix it for the long term?

On a related note, my wife decided she wanted a patio in back of the sunroom. I had asked the contractor to place the bricks one to two inches lower than the flashing on the slab, but as you can see from pic #4, they butted them right up to the flashing. My wife had to handle the project as I was out of town when it was being built. They told her it would not affect anything and she said it was ok and paid the bill. I am concerned that having the bricks butted against the flashing could help water to wick up between the flashing and the slab as well as leading to additional degradation of the aluminum flashing. Am I worrying about nothing?

Thanks for taking the time. Any help is really appreciated.

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