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I posted on this message board assuming the problem may be weatherproofing. In the past couple of months the cement outside my basement openening, which is underneath a porch, and a few backyard spaces have been turning green with mold. I do notice a faint mildewy odor in the kitchen. Is this mold? What could be causes and treatment for this.
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Moldy Cement

Not sure that I fully understand the situation or the placement but this is my best guess.
If this is out door cement (just covered ny the porch) the mildew could be coming from the lack of sunlight. If the cement is indoors (or located partially between, it could be the dampness from hydrostatic pressure (water forcing its way into the cement) and lack of sunlight. In either case, I would try to offer ventilation (if indoors) and sunlight to assist in the drying of it. Mold/mildew can't grow in light. If this is not a mildew problem and more along the lines of a crystal deposit (bacteria) common in most indoor/basement cements, you would need a treatment of chemcial wash that will remove the deposits. You may want to treat the cement (only after it is dried) with a sealer specifically for cement.
Hope this helps a bit.

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