Sealant to stop leaky roof

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My roof is 5 yrs old, and my house is a two family dwelling. When it rains heavily, I get a leak in a bedroom on the first floor. The people who did my roof is no longer in business, therefore, I am doomed to fix this myself.

I was wondering if there some type of sealant that I could have sprayed on the entire roof that will stop all leakage.

I cannot seem to trace where the initial leak is coming from. however, I do have a small area of the roof that has a small housing -- accomodation of a window, but other than that I can't seem to be able to stop the leaking.

Please can you help?
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Cool Ground

Hey guys, had a question about grounding over in the electronics (TV/Stereo) section here and I need to ask y'all. I know most people use the water pipes to ground their houses but with more and more use of PVC what are you guys using? I use a 7 to 8 foot long copper rod driven into the ground and then use 4 ga. stranded wire like you would see in an ARC welder leads. I also try to use hard drawn wire where ever I can. I have a lot of sensitive computer junk laying around not to mention all my other toys so I go for the best ground I can. And lastly, does the distance of the run from equipment to the ground rod make a difference? I would think the shorter the better. Thanks all... Mike.
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I was just reading your inquiry and am wondering if you found a solution. I have a similiar problem but I know the leak(s) are confined to certain areas, so I don't want to seal the entire roof. I did just read a message with a possible solution to your problem. Try Sani-Tred at It looks a bit expensive for what I want to do, but might be right for your needs. I don't think it is sprayed on, but seems to be like bonding a rubber sheath to a section or entire roof, and is applied as a thick liquid I believe.

If you found a different solution, I would appreciate hearing about it.

Good luck,

John Clemens

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