Ridge vents vs. turbines

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Our house is a 10-year old two-story Colonial in MA - cold, snowy winters, hot, humid summers. We are trying to decide whether to install additional vents in the roof and what kind. Currently, there are soffit vents along the complete length of the roof, front and back, and 2 square "standard" vents on the back side of the roof. There is a space for ridge vents but they were not installed. Ventilation in the house does not seem to be very good -- it gets extremely hot in summer, cold in winter, and the basement is quite damp. We get occasional water stains on the second story ceilings during severe rain, but I think this is because the chimney flashing needs to be repaired.

I was planning to have ridge vents installed based on the advice of our home inspector, but one of the roofers quoting the job said I should get turbines instead. He's suggesting enlarging the 2 standard vent holes and installing the turbines there. He said they're much more efficient than ridge vents. I've done some research on the net and I've read that the turbines are great and also ugly, they leak, they squeak, and that they don't work. I've also read that ridge vents are great and that they leak, don't work, and let in snow. What do I believe?

Should we get ridge vents or turbines? If we get the ridge vents, should we get rid of the standard vents? Will this increase the flow of air from soffit vent to ridge vent?

By the way, we're about to install drop-down stairs to the attic -- currently the only access is a 2' x 2' hole in a bedroom ceiling. Don't know if this matters or not...

Thanks! Sorry about the incredibly long message!

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yo babaloo.youre right turbines work great-the first year or two then they start squeaking and after awhile freeze up unless you go up on the roof and oil them every so often.ridge vents work great dont squeak etc.i would also get rid of those square vents unless you like the looks of them
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ridge vents vs. turbines

Have you ever considered clearing your soffit vents and installing a power venter in the attic to be used with the standard vents? We did this and have more than adequate ventilation.
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If your going to install pull down stairs in your 2nd floor ceiling be sure that you insulate over that door... If you dont then you probably going to be looking at ice damns in the not so distant future... Pull down stairs lose a tremendous amount of heat into the attic, which will melt the snow from the bottom and create ice damns..

I saw an ad for an insulated jacket that is installed over these types of doors for around 80 dollars I believe... Will post back if I can find the site..

personally i would build a box in the attic around the pull down stairs insulate the sides and then put a hinged top on that with insulation attached to the top..

Ridge vent sounds right to me.

How much insulation do you have in your attic now... In your area you should have a minimum of R-38...

Good luck


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