2nd layer roofing questions

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I'm preparing to put a second layer of shingles on my house and have a couple of questions that I hope someone can give me answers on.

First: I have roof vents and I've been told that I could put the new shingles on top of the old shingles that are around the vents, just make sure that I lift the bottom metal part of the vent and slide the new shingle under the metal on the bottom of the vent. Another person that I talked to said that I should cut the old shingles around the vent and replaced the vents. I guess my question is what is the proper way to go about roofing around vents on a roof that already has a layer of shingles?

2nd: On the front half of the roof the garage extends further out from the house than the other half, therefore the roof is higher than the other half and esentially divides the front roof in half. At this perpendicular divide there is old flashing that was not done correctly. The flashing was stepped but it was stepped and then they put the shingles on instead of step flashing under each row of shingles. It hasn't leaked or anything so my question is should I just reshingle over the old roof and not worry about it, or should I correctly step flash over the old flashing and shingles? If I do put in flashing with this new layer there will be a gap between the old flashing and new flashing in some places because the old shingles don't butt up against the verticle side of the flashing in places. Will this gap be a problem?

Any advice would be appreciate. Hope I explained things well enough for people to understand what I'm asking.

Ken H.
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My two cents--I'm not a roofer or anything for that matter--but I have done all my own work--I research, take my time, and do it right. I am re-roofing this weekend--20sq. I would not put a second layer on any house that I own!. Main reason--it does not cost anything to tear off if you did it yourself--no real skills invovled. If you pay someone--it is only labor. 2nd reason do you know if the first layer was done correctly? Case--in--point--I tore off my garage last night 3-layers, not felt paper, and the plywood was very weak and only 1/4". I wound not have known this without tear off! My house only has 1-layer but it was installed over bad tongue-in-groove and must also be re-decked with plywood! Do it right, document it, and when you go to resell you can prove to the buyer he is getting a good home.

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