how many layers of roof can be added?

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how many layers of roof can be added?

I had a second layer of roof put on the original that was 15 years old. It had hail damage, but no leaks. The new layer is now 4 years old. It is curling. The manufacturer (Tamko) gave me certificates for materials and labor, but says they are not responsible for removal of the defective roof. The contractor says there is no problem with a third layer. Others tell me this is not a good idea. The contractor says it would cost $3,000 to remove the existing layers. This is crazy! I have materials guaranteed for 25 years, and the manufacturer gives me replacement materials but no one is responsible for removing the defective roof ? My question:
1-Who is responsible for removal?
If not the manufacturer (who admits the material was defective by agreeing to give me new material), then is it the roofer?
He is a small businessam and i dont want to hurt him, but am I supposed to pay 3k because he installed defective material.

2-The roofer says it is only a cosmetic problem. There are no leaks, but it looks wrong. Should I leave it as is, add a new layer, (is that a bad idea?) or remove and replace for 3K!

3-Should I ask the roofer to remove the existing roof for less than he is saying it will cost? I doubt he will have to pay his workers 3K

Thanks for any advice you may have.
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First of all its never good to add a third layer because of weight reasons. You should check with your local building inspector and codes to see if you can lay a third layer. Some areas in the US will not allow even the second layer. Every manufacturer has different warranties on their products, Some will pay for the cost of removal of the shingles and some will not.
HOW can you blame the roofer for installing defective material?
Did he know it was going to fail when he installed it?
However I do understand your reason for not wanting to pay for the removal of the defective shingles it was no more fault of yours than it was the roofing contractors. Perhaps you should have read the manufacturers warranty before the installation. When you buy a car do you check what kind of warranty you are getting? Your home is a lot more expensive than a car.
And to answer your third question: Roofing is a dangerous back breaking filthy job and very labor intensive. Roofers have to pay astronomical insurance rates and High workers compensation rates along with all the other costs of running a business and for you to ask him to be partially responsible for the defective material does not seem right. $3000.00 is very resonable for tearing off two layers of roofing and installing the new ones. Your original roof was 15 years old and almost at the point of replacement. Most asphalt shingles last from 15 to 25 years and you would have to have had to replace it soon anyway paying ALL the costs. It would seem to us that the old saying "you get what you pay for" is the reason for your headaches.
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Think about a steel roof, they can be put over existing roof's and you won't have to worry about Hail damage... I had a new steel roof put on this summer, they said they were going to pull off all other layers, and that's why it was going to be so expensive, Ha.... But the under roof was in such good condition they didn't even touch it.. What did piss me off was they still charged me for it.... Even though they didn't do it..... so guess what, I paid for something that didn't even happen.

I feel for you, nothing like paying a Lot of Money for something, and having no re-course to correct a problem. They alway's want the dough, but don't want to hear back from you....

give me a break Roof Rat........

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While I agree whith some of what roofrat is saying, I can also see your point. However, having said that, you as homeowner are ultimately responsible for what happens to your property. I agree that putting on a third layer is not a good option, not only because of the weight, but because the second layer is curling it will show up through the new layer. I had a similar problem a couple of years back with a brand new garage roof that I put on the manufacturer gave the homeowner certificates for materials and labor, and I, as the contractor, felt that it was in my own best interest to work with the owner on the labor costs. MOST contractors will work with you on this type of problem, because a happy customer=more work. word of mouth is our best advertising.
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I noticed that you did not tell us how large or how many squares your roof is. I am betting you have a large roof. You will have to remove both layers of shingles. I would have removed the first layer before I even put on the shingles you did 4 years ago. Now, your manufacturer did pay you for labor and materials. This is more then most do. It is not your roofing contractors problem. It is your problem. It is not your roofers fault. Your manufacturer ahs already admitted this. I would say that $3000 is reasonable to take off 2 layers. There is alot of work there. I know you would not do that much work for $3000. I would sit down with your local roofer, the one that installed them, and have a business like meeting. You and a problem, he has a solution, and you pay the bill. Time to cowboy up and be a responsible home owner. Now, you and I both know why the old shingles were not removed when you had them installed 4 years ago. Don't we ?
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reply to roof layers comments

i find the responses interesting i that you assume i decided, presumably to save money, not to remove the first layer. Actually, it was the advice of the roofer not to remove it. AND it is now his advice to put on a third layer. I know (knew) nothing about roofing. I thought i was paying an expert for reasonable advice and work. I followed HIS advice.
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you need a new roofer

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