Cutting Hole for Stove Chimney

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Carl M
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Cutting Hole for Stove Chimney

I'm installing a woodburning stove through my roof. I feel I have my bases covered on correctly installing the chimney, checked out the insurance ramifications, etc. What I am not sure about are the details of removing shingles, sealing and flashing the hole and replacing the shingles correctly. I have 2 layers of asphalt shingles on the roof right now. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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John Boyer
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Removing the old shingles isn't all that hard, first you take a flat prybar and work it under the shingle and pry up on it to break loose the tar strip, if your bar is like mine, it's got a nail pulling notch atboth ends, work the notch on the long end up under the nail/staple and pry it up until you can get hold of it then pull it. IFyour careful you can reuse the old shingles, I myself am not that patient, so I usually rip up the old shingles, and lay new ones. The place where you bought your chimney should be able to sell you a flashing cone to go around the chimney, we usually run a bead of roofing cement around the base where it sits on the roof,and nail the upper side. when you put shingles back on,put two layers down, that way you wont have a dip,when you get to the lower flange on the flashing let your shingle run under it. then cut your next rows around the cone of the flashing, this will give you a nice finnished look, and it will allow rain to flowoff. make sure to cement under all your cut edges(think like a rain drop)GOOD LUCK!

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