safety, roofing

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safety, roofing

Because we simply cannot come up with several thousand dollars for a new roof, I have reluctantly decided we are going to do it ourselves. I am a 42 year old mother of 3, and I have a 20 year old son that worked one summer for a construction company, and therefore knows a little about putting up a new roof. I'll buy a video or something to learn the specifics. Having been divorced for 10 years I have become quite handy around the house. However, I am very concerned about getting up on the roof. This is a 2nd story roof of an old A frame house, and is quite steep, not to mention there is a fence that runs quite close to the one side of the house. But I simply have no choice. I noticed the roof was leaking into our attic the summer of 2000, and at that time I could see daylight peeking in between the plywood. I had decided there was no way I was going to get on that roof, but I simply have no choice. How can I safely anchor ourselves to something that would provide for maximum safety? There is a chimney on one side of the house, and I figured we could use that somehow while doing the opposite side of the roof. But what would we use while doing the side the chimney is on? Also, what would be good to make this out of? Chain link? Rope? Mountiain climbing stuff? How would we tie it around ourselves? What about anchoring the ladder to something?
Also, I was thinking that we will have to do this in sections. I work a lot of hours and I figure we might be able to do just one row of sheets of plywood at a time. Obviously I'll do as much at a time as we can, but as we will be new at this, it's not likely to go quickly. If I get into a position where I can't finish a section, what kind of tarp should I use to cover it up, and how do I anchor that. I'm sure I won't want to be nailing into the new roof.
Outside of the safety issues, I feel confiden that this is not rocket science right? You line up the sheets of plywood, cover it with that felt paper, and use a chalk line and tar to attach the shingles, and a final row of special shingles over the top seams. I figure if we do a section at a time that will be even easier as we can pretty much just follow what's already there.
I would greatly appreciate any advise I can get.
Thank you,
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Hi susanh401,

I have moved this to a forum that should be able to help you out

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To do the job correctly, you should scaffold the sides. Probably three high the length of the side. Once on the roof, you will need to use roof jacks. They are inexpensive, and easy to put up and move. I can understand your situation, but this is not a job for a beginner. I know your concerned about the cost, and about safety. Just think what you and your kids would do if you fell and broke your back. I would find a local roofer. Maybe one of your friends know one. Sit down and tell him your problem. Lots of times at least with me, if the owner can furnish the materilas which you can, I will work out some sort of payment plan with the home owner. Money is not always the big thing in construction. Especially with contractors who do not live from job to job. Good Luck
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OK I want to be a NASCAR driver.... All I have to do is turn left and its no rocket sience right? I want to tie myself in the car so I don't fly out Should I use rope ? chain? or maybe some duct tape will hold me in the car.
The point I am trying to make here is YES roofing takes skill and knowlege to install properly. It should not be done unless you know what you are doing and have Safty equipment. I would never let my son who has worked one season in construction attempt to install my roof. I have seen heart surgery on TV a couple times maybe I am ready to try it? It sounds like you have a steep roof and have you thought of someone getting injured badly or paralized for life to save money? There are building codes you have to go by Do you know them? There are Manufacturers specifacations you have to follow to have a warranty do you know them? It sounds like you don't know the first thing about roofing what will the next owner have for a roof if you sell your home?

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