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Cool Roofs Help!!!!

Need help!!! my house was built in 1915, I need to replace the old shingle roof and am going to put on a metal roof 26 gage.
Here is my problem, the sub roof is made of tongue and groove wood and is not in to bad of shape. but the entire roof has a sag to it. How can I fix this???? I have been told to just fur up the metal untill its level, but to me that seems as though the roof would be soft or flex between the fur strips, I was also told to remove the sub roof and fur up the trusses untill they are all level then put down a new sub roof. What is the correct way to fix this problem.

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Sagging roof repair

Roofs usually sag because of insufficient strength due to faulty design or deterioration of the framing or sheathing. Shimming or firring will not resolve these issues.

"Perhaps improper design didn't account for all of the load the roof must support. Perhaps improper construction increased the span of the framing (wood beams were placed too far apart) or decreased the size of the framing members (the beams that were used weren't thick enough). Perhaps the homeowner has applied more load (typically equipment, people or furniture) than the roof/deck was originally planned to accommodate. Or, perhaps water intrusion and ponding has gradually caused wood rot which in turn has led to structural weakening.

"Correcting the problem of a sagging roof requires fairly major construction because the framing beneath the roof must be exposed; preventing the possibility of future sagging in a yet-to-be-installed roof is fairly simple. One typical solution is to add full-depth blocking between framing members. Doing so will help spread out concentrated loads to adjacent framing members; however, this technique does not help for uniform loads (force which is evenly distributed over a relatively large area).

Another correction for a sagging roof is to install additional framing members in order to reduce the amount of load to each member, and yet another is to provide additional points of support beneath the roof to reduce the span.

Clearly, proper roof design, construction, repair, and maintenance are essential, no matter what type or style of roof your community association has. Consulting with specialists in these areas is an expense that will pay for itself many times over." Kuivanen, D., AIA. Oh, That Roof Over Your Head! Building Analysts. Retrieve 09 June 2002.

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