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Question Milk spill in carpet

I was wondering how to tell if a carpet needs to be replaced. My son spilled a couple gallons of milk on it and we sucked it up with our steam cleaner and washed it. It smelled nasty so we used an enzyme treatment and deodorizer. I pulled it up and the underside of the carpet looks disgusting! The top of the carpet (where you walk on it) looks perfect and clean. It is just the underneath. It looks like stains from the liquid spilling on it. Are both sides of the carpet supposed to be stain free in order for it to be in good shape? I dried it away from the pad w/a fan so it would really dry. I am just afraid that since under the carpet is badly stained that it is no good anymore. Is the carpet still dirty because of this? I really had no idea it would look so gross because the top looks new still. Is it normal to be stained underneath after a spill? Can this carpet be saved? Please help!!!

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Gravity and a porous carpet makes things go down.

Steam cleaning won't clean the carpet backing or the padding that has soaked up the spill.

Have you tried cleaning the backing to remove the stain? Also replacing the padding in that area?

Carpets can ugly out and still not be wore out.

I consider wore out, when the backings have delaminated, or the face yarn is wore through to the backing.
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Hi! Thanks for your reply. Actually, since I am not a pro, I never thaought of replacing thr padding only. I figured if you replace one you have to replace the other. That is probably what I am going to do. I did try to clean the back of the carpet but I stopped because I could not extract enough water afterwards because its like a waffle texture. Am I making any sense? I also think that I went a little steam clean crazy and overwet the carpet. I just wanted that milk out so I was cleaning it everyday. Not a good idea, I know. I am a little confused about delamination though. I read another post about it and I thought it meant if the pad and carpet were not stuck together. But apparently it does not. Are you talking about the yarn of the carpet not being attached to the grid type thing? I am so sorry about the lingo!!! Anyways you helped alot and I think I am going to put my machine away for a while!! lol
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Delamination of carpet

Delamination is when the primary backing and face yarns separate from the secondary backing. Too much cleaning solvent and too much water, especially if carpet stays wet too long can cause delamination. While this does happen sometimes, sometimes carpet delaminates due to no fault of the homeowner. This is when it is a manufacturing problem. The carpet mill may not have applied enough adhesive or used some bad adhesive.

Padding and carpet are installed separately, unless you have foam backed carpet. If you do not have foam-backed carpet, you will see that the padding went down first and the carpet was installed on top. Foam-backed carpet has the padding attached to the back of the carpet.

As you have already pulled the carpet up and inspected it, set a fan in the area to dry out the carpet. Carpet and padding that remains wet longer than 24 hours can develop mold/mildew problems as well as delamination problems.

Milk is organic and requires an enzyme digester cleaner. The enzymes must be given time to digest the stains and odor from the carpet. Because the backing is rough, you can mist the affected area with the cleaner. Pet mess cleaners from the pet store contain these enzymes. Nature's Miracle and OdoBan from Sam's Club and Out from Kmart/Walmart are popular enzyme cleaners/deodorizers. Keep the fan going until carpet, padding, and subfloor are dry.

As Carpets Done Wright indicated, you can replace the affected padding and reinstall the carpet if you do not have foam-backed carpet. The milk settled downward and outward into the padding, so the affected area of the padding will be larger than the affected area of the carpet.
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Yes, delamination is the carpet backings(2) separating from each other.

The grid you see when looking at the back is the secondary backing giving the carpet dimensional stability, which is applied to the primary baking after tufting, usually a nylon weave, the tufts are inserted into. The 2 backing are laminated together using latex that has been cut with marble dust and soap to make it go farther and to make the latex thick enough so it doesn't flow through the primary backing and on the face yarns.

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