Scotch guarding new carpet...

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Scotch guarding new carpet...

Wife and I are closing on our new house tomorrow. The builders are going to clean the carpet before we move in. We had the idea of buying those cans of scotch guard(SG) from Lowe's/HomeDepot and doing it ourselves. Those cans run nearly $8.00ea., and only covers roughly 50sqft. We'll need to cover nearly 1700 sqft of carpet in the house. So that's around $270 just for the SG.

I called up a ChemDry place here in town and they said they would clean and protect the carpet for $150. I guess that's a no brainer of which I should choose. I guess my question is does anybody have any experience with a ChemDry company? Do they really do a good job?

And one more bonus question... are those carpet cleaner machines that they sell any good? You know, the ones that go for $200-350 at local retail stores? If so, which ones would you recommend? Thanks for any help, or advice.

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Why is the builder cleaning your new carpet?
Bad scheduling on his part?
Your carpet wasn't the last thing done before closing and move in?
Why not?

As an installer, my warranty is void, once one of those cheap guys the builders hire, that soak the carpet, hits it.

No aftermarket soil or stain resist(they are different), will be applied as good as the factory does. Too much will cause the carpet to soil faster, and maybe cause some yellowing.

>>>>are those carpet cleaner
machines that they sell any good? You know, the ones
that go for $200-350 at local retail stores?
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to look for certified cleaners in your area
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As Perry and Daniel have already advised, skip the ScothGuard. Stain resisters applied during carpet manufacturing make for stain resistant, but no stain proof carpet. Don't fall for the advertising hype about DIY stain proof products. Over application can cause rapid soiling as well as discoloration of carpet.

Taking precautions to protect your carpet, attending to spills immediately, and frequent vacuuming, especially in high traffic areas, will keep your carpet looking good. A professional steam extraction cleaning by a licensed professional is recommended by manufacturers. This should be done every 12-18 months or more often depending upon traffic and soiling. Placing mats at entries will help collect grit and soil. Avoiding eating and drinking in carpeted areas will eliminate spills of drinks and foodstuffs.

A sprinkling of dry chemicals on carpet surface will not deep clean carpet and extract soil and grit that has been imbedded in fibers. Professional carpet cleaners have the equipment to maintain hot enough water temperature (180 degrees or better) to sanitize and return yarn memory twist, enough suction to remove excess moisture that can cause delamination of carpet backing and mold/mildew problems, and the proper cleaners that do not leave residues that cause rapid resoiling.

DIY carpet cleaning machines do not have a way to maintain hot enough water temperature or the ability to remove enough excess moisture from carpet. Residues left in carpet tend to result in rapid resoiling.

Learn more about carpet care and how to deal with stains at You can locate a licensed professional on that site. Knowing what types of stains and blotting solutions to use for particular stains is important. If in doubt, call a professional.

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