I'm sick of carpeting - tips/trick to pull it up?

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Hi. This is Judy.

I live in the Mojave Desert and my house is 10 years old, as is the carpet.

The carpet is in really good shape, but I have 4 dogs who are in and out the doggie door all the time and the carpet obviously gets sandy and stained.

I have only had it cleaned once, and that was 2-1/2 years ago. I know I should have had it cleaned again before now, but I am a terrible procrastinator and I still have boxes and boxes of "stuff" that I need to sort through and get rid of first.

I am seriously thinking of just pulling up the carpet and for the time being (until I can get the money to put vinyl or ceramic tiles in) just have the bare concrete for floors, with large area rugs in each room.

My house is small <900 sqft. Can I pull the carpets myself? Are there any "tips or tricks" for me to remove it?

Any suggestions?

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If saving the carpet is not an option, cut it with a razor knife and start pulling.

If you want to save the big room pieces for what ever. Start in a corner and pull the entire perimeter loose off the tackstrip, cutting the carpet at doorways. Then roll it up.

The padding comes up similar, but is suppose to be glued around the edges and sometimes at the seams.

Bust the tackstrip up, using a hammer and nail bar, hitting it right at the nails. Pulling nails straight out with the hammer claws, usually makes a bigger pock in the concrete, then hitting the nail sideways, loosening it first.
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Maybe I should just clean the carpet..... :-)

Originally posted by Carpets Done Wright
If saving the carpet is not an option.
Wow. I never thought about a tack strip.

Since posting my plea for help..... I started thinking about borrowing the extractor fro m work and just tackeling the cleaning project myself......

The carpet is definitely savable..... it's just dirty and not even as dirty as an apartment rental carpet would be..... It's just such a hassle to have to move everything to prepare for the couple of hours that it would take to clean the carpets.

If the custodial supervisor at work lets me borrow the extractor.... I can take my time over the upcoming 3 day weekend and do it one room at a time.

I really need to apply an enzyme product to the carpet to eat up the doggie odors. There aren't any urine spots, as far as I know. It's just carpet that has been lived on. Some doggie bile from upset stomachs and dogs rolling around and wrestling and sleeping on the carpet. Normal stuff.

Maybe some good ol' hot water applied and extracted followed by an enzyme spray would work?

I don't know.... I am just frustrated by a nice carpet that desperately needs a good cleaning and there is just so much "stuff" in the way.

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