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Question Buying Carpet

I am looking for a reputable store on the internet that can sell me good carpeting for a reletively cheap price (Preferably $3 - $7 per yard or lower as long as quality isn't comprimised). In addtion, I am looking for Rebond-padding for the carpet. Since I am going to hire an independent contractor to install, location within the U.S. isnt as important (shipping costs, ich).
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You will not find anything that resembling quality in that price range.

I wouldn't expact carpet in the $3-7 per yard range to last more than a year or two.

The pad you are looking for retails for $2-3 a yard.

As a installation professional $3 per yard won't even pay me to install it!

Look for VCT tile as a solution more in your price range.
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Thank you for you comment. If I am looking for a Frieze (sp?) carpet, made out of nylon, about 30 oz, how much would it cost to get a decent quality carpet?
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Posts: n/a is a reputable interent flooring resource.
You can find what you are looking for there.
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Buying carpet

There is a saying in the carpet industry, "There is nothing good that is cheap and nothing cheap that is good." Shop around and compare apples to apples when it comes to quality and warranty. If it sounds too good to be true it is probably so.

You will not find quality in the $3-$7 range, especially a 30 oz. frieze. Stop by local carpet discount stores and Mom & Pop shops and see what carpet retails for. Then, you have to add in the cost of pad and installation labor.

If you are looking for a very inexpensive floor covering, perhaps you should consider an alternative. Because of the increasing costs of petroleum and petroleum by-products, carpet prices have skyrocketed over the last few years. So much so, that many find that finding a more durable hard surface floor covering that will last a life time--like ceramic tile or hardwood floors is an affordable option when compared to carpet. I have had many customers in my store lately who have bought hardwood and told me that despite cost of wood and installation, it was less expensive than carpet.

Major carpet manufacturers realize this. Thus, they are offering tile, laminate, and hardwood, as well as vinyl to keep a stronghold in the floor covering industry.

Too, because of the increased awareness of health issues associated with carpet, more and more folks are moving toward hard surface floor covering.

A retailer's cost for carpet far exceeds $3-$7/SF. Your expectations exceed the reality of the floor covering market. If you are looking for frieze for a small room, you might luck out and find a remnant at reduced cost.

Shop around and discover what the retail carpet world is like. Customers want cheap, cheap, cheap and great quality. It is simply not a reality.
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Excellent perspective, twelvepole!!

I can buy carpet as low as .44 per sq.ft., but I wouldn't put it in my dogs house.

Since frieze's are very popular right now, the cheapest one I have found was $1.09 per sq.ft.
Supply and demand... Supply low and demand high = more cost. Supply high and demand low = less cost.

Cushion cost me around .15 per sq.ft. but no way will I supply it for that cost. I must get .27 for me to supply it, or they can go find it elsewhere.

My installation rates start @ .55 per sq.ft. and increase rapidly from there.

So all said and done, the cheapest I would do your installation for would be in the $2 - $3 per sq.ft. range. So your looking at $18 - $27 per sq.yard, minimum. We have not even added extras to the picture yet.

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