Pls. help with stain on carpet

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Pls. help with stain on carpet

The other day, while vacuuming, my vac belt started burning, so I pulled it off to change it. Threw the burnt one in the trash, never in a million years thinking my CAT would get in the trash and evidentally pulled it out to play with while I was gone. Now I have burnt rubber stains on my 3 month old Creme colored berber carpet. I've tried oxiclean, but that didn't do a thing.

Is there anything I can do??
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Don't be surprised if you have a yellowing of the carpet later, where the oxiclean was used.

Burnt rubber might blot off using a mild solvent. It could also damage the carpet.
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OxyClean is bad news for carpet. Mix one part vinegar to two parts water in a spray bottle to neutralize the bleach properties of the oxyclean. Any over the counter spot cleaner should remove the belt stain. Start at the outer edge of the stains and work toward the center so as not to spread the stain to a bigger area. Do not scrub! Rub the stain gently, if it is stubborn, place a rag over it and pound the stain.
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Rubber stain on carpet

If you opt to use a solvent, blot with rubbing alcohol and white rag. Blot from outside stain toward middle to prevent spreading.

The Oxy-whatever products are peroxides, oxygenating bleaches. They will affect dyes and weaken fibers. As suggested, neutralize the bleach with vinegar/water solution. If you use a commercial cleaner or opt to mix 1/4 teaspoon of dish liquid in 1 cup warm water for blotting, you will need to blot with plain water to rinse. Blot several times to make sure no residues are left in carpet. Residues will attract soil and cause rapid resoiling. If in doubt, call a professional.

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