carpe in basement


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carpet in basement

I am installing carpet in my finished basement over concrete. I am going to use the glue down method. I would like to use a cut pile carpet, to get some cushion wihout using padding. I was told this would not work that the carpet would wear out and lay over very soon aafter installaion. Is this true? If so, what kind of carpet should I use, and will I need a pad with it? Thanks for your help.

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Commercial carpet or maybe a thick Bereber would be the only carpet you could glue down without pad.
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Laying down or matting is a direct result of the twist or lack of twist in the face yarn combined with a low density cut pile carpet, and dirt abrading the yarn.

Direct glueing carpets eliminates the flex in the backing caused by the padding. Delamination is greatly reduced in traffic lanes.

Choosing a dense, high twist, nylon carpet will serve you well.

I would be more concerned about the unseen and unfeelable Moisture Vapor Emissions coming from the concrete that will adversely effect the adhesive.

When using cushion, what is the purpose of higher density cushions? There isn't as much give in the cushion, the higher the density is. Better cushions are higher density.
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A plush carpet direct glue down over concrete?
ummm o.k. it IS legal, but I have never seen it.
a plush in a basement would be best suited to be installed over a dense pad that is firm, such as a rubber pad, or a thick fiber pad, like a 40 oz.
I have seen tons of commercial carpets directly glued with no pad, and a couple berbers glued with no pad. But the plush cut pile needs all the help it can get with durability, and unfortunately, with no pad, the fiber is getting NO help.
Now a pad under a commercial or a berber is better, but the loop construction is longer lasting as long as we are talking Nylon here.

It's a free world though.

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