How Do I Repair Carpet?

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How Do I Repair Carpet?

Hi! I need help. I rent a townhome (OH No!!) My Dog has dug up carpet while in her crate in 3 diffrent spots (Yikes!) The holes are[squared up] 13x12, 14x11, 16x32 inches.
I don't want to live with the Carpet holes.
I am not tring to hide the damage from the owners.
I just want to fix it my self for two reasons. First to learn how. Second the owners will charge me for the repairs. (they quoted $300 for a door that needed replaced... I fixed it for half that and that includes the power tool set I bought.

I am not to concerned with seeing seems in this area. By law the owners will have to replace the carpet when I move out anyway.
I just want to patch the holes.

I am not sure about the type of carpet being an apartment complex I am sure it is some of the cheapest stuff on the market.

The largest peace was pealed up.. I was able to carpet tape it down.

I will also need to replace the padding.

I need ideas on where I can buy a small amount of cheap carpet that I can color match.

I need to know the best way to strech small areas of carpet and how to install it all together.

I am including a picture of two of the holes.
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I cant see the picture, but the final result will probably look terrible for a couple reasons. You may find a carpet that looks kinda close, but once it is down it will be very obvious, I hope you get lucky.
If your not trying to hide it, then ask the owner if they have scrap carpet to use. Probably would be better to pull your closet carpet out and use that, then replace the closet with the closest match, that would look way better.
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Thanks florcraft!
I don't mind pulling the carpet out of the closet.... So how do I acutally replace it?
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I dont know the details, but I have been in flooring for 8 years, and I wouldn't do it, I would pay an installer a minimum and it should look the best it can.
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Cut the carpet out, following the rows between the face yarns.
Cut a patch piece the same way, and the same EXACT size, making positively sure the grain is running in the same direction.

Place carpet hot melt seam tape under the 4 exposed sides of the square hole. Place your patch in. Using a carpet seam iron. construct the seam all the way around the square. DON'T TRAP INTO THE SEAM, OR GET HOT MELT GLUE ON THE FACE YARNS!!!

For small patches, a glue gun and scrim tape, instead of the seam tape and iron.

Use weight on top of the new constructed seam, right behind iron.

Good luck!!!!

It is an art. Not something a beginner is going to make passable on their first try.
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Thanks Perry!
I am sure It won't look the greatest but hopefully it will be an improvement. One way to get good is to practice... I will have 3 chances.
Just wondering... It sounds like you do this all the time. How much do you useally charge for something like this?

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