wrong carpet installed

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Red face wrong carpet installed

I purchaced a $500 carpet from Menards brought it home and paid a guy 250 buck to install it for me. He did a good job installing it, and it does looks good.

When I first walked on it I noticed it wasn't as soft feeling, and just didn't seem the same as the samples that I had used to when making my decision on what carpet to use.

I didn't realize what had happened untill the next time I was in Menards that they gave me the wrong carpet. The two carpets were the same manufacturer and the same cost but the one that I had intended to have was a different shade and the attached pad was thicker.

I guess I can live with what I have as it does look nice, but it's not as soft as I was planning it to be. The thing that bites me is that I purchased and have the reciept for a different carpet.
I can't help but think that maybe they were trying to pull a fast one on me as they didn't have enough of the rug that I wanted on hand and thought I wouldn't notice, and I almost didn't.
I saw the rolls at the store and I was sure they had enough of the rug that I wanted so I think they just screwed up.

My point is that they screwed up and the carpet is installed.
My installer is not at fault and had no idea that the carpet was wrong as I purchased it and brought it home.

If I have the carpet removed and reinstalled I will cost about $350 for removal and reinstallation plus the $500 for the carpet.
That's a $850 mistake in my book.

As I said I can live with what I have, but I think I deserve some compensation from Menards for their mistake. I remodeled the whole basement (over $2000 mostly from Menards, and a years worth of my time) then they give me the wrong carpet!

Can anyone tell me what should I ask for compensation for thier mistake.
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well, basically what you bought was material only, and it is usually up the the person picking up to make sure the product is what was ordered, that's why you sign paperwork before you leave the warehouse.
let's look at this from the store's point of view for a second.
If on their paperwork, it states the carpet sold and given to you is the same you ordered, there is lack of proof on your part that you didnt install some other carpet from some other store, and now you are trying to scam to get them to pay for it. (not saying this is what you are doing, just hypothetical).
But, I bet if they investigate paperwork, carpet roll tags ect...they will find out their mistake.
but now who pays for it?
well like I said, material only is a tad tough, but if they find out they gave you the wrong carpet, they need to pay REASONABLE install fees to get your correct material on your floor.
If this was laminate floor or some other product that can EASILY identified before install during pick up at the warehouse, I would expect you to look at the boxes first before signing paperwork during pick up, but carpet is a little different, it is tough for someone to inspect carpet to make sure it is exactly the same.
but there can be differences, like if you ordered blue carpet, and you picked up pink, but had it installed anyway, I would be a tad hesitant to pay install, but If I sent you the wrong stuff, then responsibility kicks in.

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