They Said Its Up to Me To Remove The Old!!

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They Said Its Up to Me To Remove The Old!!

I am having ceramic tile installed in my bathroom which currently has vinyl tile. The installer said I had to remove the old tile before he could install the new tile. Can someone tell me how to do this. I am also having new carpet installed in a basement bedroom and the installer told me I had to remove the old carpet. I believe that the carpet in the bedroom was probably glued in place in the basement and has been dyed a different color - I am sure that doesn't have anything to do with how you remove it but....I am truly a novice and have no clue.....HELP!!!!
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fire the installer, and find a full service installer, unless you don't want to pay for it.
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Can't fire the installer....its the flooring house where I bought the product (the tille and the carpet) ...could hire their guy to take up the flooring but then they can't install the tile and carpet until end of May which is after the contracted install date...what a mess this is becoming...Can someone please give me some advice on how to remove these old floorings ...I'm a single female with a bunch of female friends, all of us clueless but willing to give it the old college try...Thanks for the advice!!!
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Hello; Karie

I agree. Find an installer that does the total job and not half, unless you requested to save the money and do it yourself.


Another possbile reason the installer may not want to remove any old tile or floor covering is asbestos. The existing flooring may have asbestos fibers in it. A huge health hazard.

Must be done by pros, if asbestos is in or is suspected to be in the existing flooring. Requires permits and or licensing, special removal porcess, handling and packaging prior to dumping in any land fill or any trash can or trash site.
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good call Sharp advice.

Asbestos bad....
you good......
installer trash......

I would love to tell you how to remove em, but I wil let someone else take the responsibility..

good luck
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Find another flooring dealer, get your deposit back, and reschedule. You are the customer, you are paying for a service and if they can't suit your needs, look elsewhere.
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Remove floor covering

Vinyl tile can be removed by using scraper and heat gun. If installing ceramic tile, there is no real reason for removing them. Installers should be able to install concrete underlayment board (CUB) [remcommended for ceramic tile to strengthen and provide stable underlayment to prevent grout and tile failure if installing over wood floor underlayment]. Door jambs and maybe doors will have to be undercut to accommodate increased floor height and transitional pieces used to accommodate adjacent floor covering height.

Old carpet can be removed from floor by prying up edge of carpet with pry bar and cutting carpet into strips to remove. If carpet has been glued down, it will require a scraper. To remove as much residue as possible. If not glued down, then pry bar can be used to remove tack strips and carpet cut and removed.

Get two or three bids and pick brains for installation procedures for your projects. As indicated, most professional installers will quote price of installation based upon removal of previous floor covering plus cost of new installation. Make sure installers guarantee floor covering installation. Go with a reputaable dealer who backs up installation warranties.

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The basics for removal of the two types of products if not containing asbestos is scraping and pulling...Thier are practices and tools which are most readily available at any home centers which will make the task of removal easier though it is difficult to suggest specifics without seeing it..

With respects for safety and in order to meet your time table, I recommend you look in your local newspaper or weekly mailers for some advertisements from skilled trades or handypeople who specialize in small jobs....With some calls, you may be able to find someone who can help in determining if asbestos is present and with removal..

or call the flooring company and have them schedule a to Z as they can...
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I have to disagree with the people who say the installer is a bad guy. It sounds to me like they squeezed her into the schedule and if they have to do take up also they won't have time 'til the end of May. I don't know where Karie is from, but in my rural area, the few very good installers book 4-8 weeks out, and if you want fit into the schedule sooner, you have to do your own takeup so the site is ready for the installer. Unless the takeup has asbestos or other problems, any handyman, or other odd-jobber can do it.

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