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We have just bught a house and need to change the carpeting in the bedrooms and stairs. Went around at various carpet shops and got thoroughly confused with teh technicalities. here is what we know and what we dont...

Dont know:
1. Nylon or polyester?
2. plush or berber?
3. twist?
4. family room has parquet but kids prefer carpeting so they can lounge around. Will this damage the parquet?
5. does it help to upgrade on the underlay?
6. privatre shop installation or home depot?

1. 40+ oz
2. light neutral shade
3, same colour all over and stairs

thanks for the help
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1. Nylon will outperform an Olefin for matting and crushing everytime, so it's longer lasting but more expensive.

2. Berber last longer than a plush of the same ounce cause the loop helps prevent matting and crushing better. Plush is more comfy and does not snag.

3. twist is important and you usually can tell how good it is my looking at the tip definition from the face of the carpet. Do not shop on twist alone cause there are more important factors that come into play.

4. Parquet can get scratched but also can be refinished. Try laying a nice area rug in the room to save money and add comfort.

5. yes it helps to upgrade underlay if your thinking longer term. A better pad can help the carpet alot.

6. Home Depot has alot of cooks in the kitchen, a person who measures, a person who sells, a person who handles claims, a person who installs. A locally owned full service flooring store has less cooks, typically the salesperson handles everything but installation. Your chances of success are higher with a full service store. Plus Home Depot are babies in the carpet business compared to some stores, they do have excellent prices on stock, but they don't always carry high end in stock, plus alot of other stores carry higher quality like Karastan, Lee's and wool products.

good luck.
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Willl bear that in mind.
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Carpet selection

Shop around. Avoid extremely low-cost carpet. If the bargain sounds too good to be true, then it will prove to be no bargain in the long run.

Good priced carpeting tends to last up to five years; medium to top-priced carpeting usually lasts 10 years or more. Carpets in the higher price ranges are usually better constructed, have denser face yarns (surface), and may have more colors, patterns and textures from which to choose, but may not last longer.

In most instances you can find any carpet fiber in various price ranges, but examine the differences carefully; quality differs considerably. Make sure you determine the length of time you want the carpet to last.

More and more folks are going with solid surface floor coverings such as wood or tile, as they can last a life time. If you have existing wood parquet, then install an area rug for lounging and appreciate the wood.

Shop around and compare costs and life time expectations of durability of floor coverings. More and more people are going with hardwood. Carpet is a temporary floor covering that has to be tossed into trash and can not be refinished like hardwood. Compare prices over the long run and you will find that hardwood is cheaper.

Your questions were based on carpet, but please consider other floor covering options, as the floor covering industry has begun to move beyond carpet due to durabilty over the long run. Hardwood will add value to your home.

There are lesser solid hardwood grades available that will last as long as first quality (200+ years). There are also engineered wood products and laminate products that are available. Shop and compare prices and consider durability for the long run.

If you are dedicated to carpet, a solution dyed nylon, berber or plush will give you the best peformance, provided you have the proper padding and installation by a professional installer who backs up installation with a warranty.

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