baseboard/moulding questions

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Question baseboard/moulding questions


I just finished installing a new hardwood floor. As a part of the installation, I removed the baseboards. As a part of the reinstallation, I'm now putting the baaseboards back on and adding 3/4 round moulding. My questions:

1. The baseboard moulding is looser than when I removed it (not flush with the wall). (I had to use a utility knife to cut through paint when I took out the moulding.) Now, there a slight gap between the baseboard and the wall. Should I glue the moulding to the wall? Caulk it? Just repaint and let the paint fill the gaps?

2. As for the 3/4 round that needs to be nailed to the baseboards and float above the new floor, is there a simple formula to calculate material lost due to the miter cuts? For instance, I needed to prepare a piece and measured from the inside corner of the wall to the outside corner of the wall (35 inches). After both miter cuts for the inside and outside corners, the piece was about 1 inch short. Should just routinely add an inch to the measurement I take from the wall to compensate? Is there some trick to cutting and fitting 3/4 round that would make this easier? Or is it just a matter of cutting long and shaving down as I go?


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Talking some advice take it or leave it

Caulking your base would be the best way to go,make sure to use paintable caulk if you cant find any that matches the wall color.When measureing the quarter round or any solid base the inside corner is the long point of your mighter and the outside corner is the short point of your mighter so the measurements are long point to short point,give a 1/16th or an 1/8 depending on the vertical straightness of your corners.PS:Two outside corners would be short point to short point and two inside corners would be long point to long point.Good luck and have fun.

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