Is this estimate way off?

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Is this estimate way off?

I am having our home re-carpeted. Using large company- (not Lowe's). Carpeted area is about 1070 sq. ft. We have a LR and DR with no separating wall; large den; long hall; & 3 BR (with 4 small closets). We had chosen a varigated style, and their estimator explained there would be about a 20% waste. We went back and picked out a similar-priced carpet with no repeats. He did the estimate for no repeats and said it would need 1335 sq. ft. (which looks like a 25% waste and over $600 wasted by my calculations). What is an "acceptable", "average", "ballpark" overage for no repeats?
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WOW, there may be something I do not know that would make the waste so high, but 15% is the norm for that amount of goods. But again, there may be things I do not know.
When I present carpet amounts to my clients, I measure their house and draw to 1/4 inch scale with a pencil. Then I draw the 12 foot wide carpet cuts on the drawing with a red pencil, it shows my clients EXACTLY how much waste there is, and how I am allocating it.
For that much waste, I would ask some more questions.
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Carpet estimate

Get another estimate. Carpets with patterns and repeats will require additional material for matching. Rooms greater than 12' and not exceeding 15' can use 15' carpet. Anything larger will require a seam. More and more carpet manufacturers and retailers are starting to sell carpet by the square foot rather than the square yard. This makes it easier to calculate how much carpet you need. Just multiply the number of square feet in room (length x width) to figure square footage needed. Add 10-15 square feet if there will be seams and waste. (There are 9 square feet in a square yard.)

Most floor covering requires that you add 5% extra for cuts and waste. If you are using a patterned carpet, then waste may be as much as 20% depending upon the pattern repeat.

Carpet prices tend to vary from area to area as does carpet cushion and installation. Get several estimates and go with a company that has a good reputation. Ask for references. You can most of the time find better carpet prices at small flooring dealers because they have to compete with big box stores. However, installers may be a problem if it is not an old an well-established mom & pop business. Get references and call them.

Because you stated that you originally looked at a carpet with a repeat, I assume you looked at berber. Berber is not a carpet, it is a weave design. Most folks don't know this. Most berber weaves are olefin. These tend to crush and attract soil. If you are looking for an excellent carpet and are not limited by budget and want a carpet that will last for 15-20 years, then don't go with olefin or polyester. Nylon carpet that is solution dyed is the best on the market, unless you can afford wool. Nylon carpet that is dyed in its molten/solution state will have stable dyes that tends not to be affected by an occasional bleach splash or peroxide acne medication. Nylon carpets manufactured first and dyed later have unstable dyes that tend to be affected by sunlight, improper cleaning, chemicals, etc. You can get a berber weave in more durable fibers than olefin, if that is what you want.

Go to to learn more about carpet. While everyone is looking for the most bang for the buck, most go into shopping experiences for low prices without the education they need. They fall into the marketing pressure of sales people who are trying to move low cost goods and who don't care about who or where you are in 15-20 years. They go to carpet discount stores where sales people don't know anything about carpet manufacturing. It may cost you a little more up front for quality floor covering, but it is important that you buy durable goods.

Taking you off into another direction is hard surface floor coverings. For your info, carpet is falling by the wayside. Carpet distributors know this. Thus, they are offering wood, tile, vinyl and other products because carpet is losing market share. They have become distributors for hard surface manufacturers. Carpet is a petroleum byproduct and you know what the gas prices have been doing at the pumps. Every month, carpet manufacturers fax a new price sheet with increases.

Thus, I ask that you reconsider and put in hardwood flooring. There are many grades available. Prices tend to be less than carpet when you add carpet, cushion, and installation together. With hardwood, you will have a floor that will last 200 years. It is also a floor that is easily cleanable and does not have the associated allergy problems due to dust mites. Run the dust mop and occasionally damp mop. Note: The Japanese refinish their hardwood floors on an average of every 200 years. That's because they do not wear shoes when they enter their homes.

Ask yourself if you really want carpet. Hardwood flooring and natural stone products are the only products that add value to homes. Do you want to replace carpet and deal with cleaning and maintenance without any real additon of value to your home? Do you want to fall victim to the marketing hype of carpet sales people who do not come clean? Remember manufacturers and dealers offer extra commission for moving certain products.

Absolutely do not let yourself feel high pressured. Do your research and determine what best fits your needs. I know you went in thinking carpet, but reconsider. Compare apples to apples as well as costs.
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Carpet is sold in wide rolls. The main cuts lengths are figured for rooms. If the room is a 13 x10, your going to have 13x2 waste(maybe or maybe not it might be utilized elsewhere)

You could theroretically piece little pieces together to make it with the exact amount, if your room is greater then the width of the carpet roll. But as an Installer, your going to pay me for my time and talent, piecing carpet together. I guaranty it will cost more in my labor then it will if you had just purchased more carpet, so piecing doesn't happen.

Add a big pattern match to the mix, and your waste just skyrocketed. Small pin dot or patterns of less then 6 inches repeat don't add that much, unless it is a HUGE installation, with 1000's of yards.
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I agree

Get another estimate! I think 20-25% waste for non-patterned goods is a rip-off. However, regarding Twelvepole's comments regarding carpet, you should know that many people feel differently about some of the points he made. First, his description of olefin fiber is, I believe, correct. However they are extremely durable against abrasion, so if someone wanted to take advantage of the quality/value it represents, I would strongly suggest the consumer pick a DARKER color or a distinct MULTI-color. I am always amazed at how much light (beige, even white) carpet is shown in the stores. Don't people think it might get dirty after 5, 7, 10, years and more of walking, rain, winter, stains, spills, etc?
Also regarding wood. Since that's all you have on your website I see why you recommend it so highly. Nobody loves real wood more than me, but even the finest wood flooring can't give the physical softness amd warmth that carpet fiber can, if that is what the customer wants.
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We just don't know this person's layout. So we cannot determine if this is too much waste.
In 8 years, I have had unpatterned carpet that resulted in 20% waste, but it is rare.
I think we all agree, that there should be plenty of full service store's willing to give free estimates. So definately get a couple more.
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Originally Posted by florcraft
We just don't know this person's layout. So we cannot determine if this is too much waste..

Exactly, bingo, and.........well....all those other sounds :O)

I have carpeted square rooms, circular rooms, Z shaped just cant give any advice on this without knowing all the the facts!

If it was a gross mismeasure...the very next estimaters eyebrows will go up like a flag on the 4th of July.

CDW!!!! haha you kill me! (see below)
I have said this sooo many times. Verbatim. Isnt it the truth?

But sadly, i knew installers that would do that. It hurts us as an industry when they do.

CDW said:You could theroretically piece little pieces together to make it with the exact amount, if your room is greater then the width of the carpet roll. But as an Installer, your going to pay me for my time and talent, piecing carpet together. I guaranty it will cost more in my labor then it will if you had just purchased more carpet, so piecing doesn't happen.

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