Padding in new home

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Padding in new home

I have recently purchased a new home. They want to charge me a fortune for 12mm underpadding. Is 10mm enough? I can't seem to find any decent articles on this topic online.

I am going to keep the 40 oz. carpet for at least a year or two before changing it.

Any advice you can give? Thanks!
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10 mm is just under 3/8" & 12 mm is just under 1/2 inch. Typically, carpet cushion less than 3/8" or greater than 7/16" is recommended. Prime urethane pads ($3 to $4 per square yard) are generally the least expensive because they have a tendency to compress after installation, especially in high-traffic areas. Natural- and synthetic-fiber pads ($5 to $6 per square yard) are the densest and most resilient but also the most expensive. Bonded or rebonded pads ($4 to $5 per square yard), made of multicolored polyurethane foam chunks, are a good compromise and are the most common padding for residential use.

All of these types come in a variety of thicknesses and densities. It's important that you use the right pad for the carpet or you can actually damage the carpet. Too thick pad can cause the carpet to flex too much, opening seams and weakening the backing, according to the Carpet & Rug Institute. And, a too thin pad can collapse and cause carpet to wrinkle & wear out. Review the carpet manufacturer's cushion recommendations prior to purchasing a carpet.

The Carpet Cushion Council and the CRI have developed padding specs based on room traffic. A Class 1 rating is for moderate traffic, such as in bedrooms and formal living rooms. A Class 2 rating is for heavier traffic, such as on stairs or in halls. Within each rating there's a range of options, depending upon your budget and the feel you want. Ask your dealer to show you the CRI chart.

There is much information on selecting and buying carpet and cushion on the internet. A good place to start is at for the Carpet & Rug Institute's website.

Typically, carpet cushion is not replaced until carpet is replaced. As you plan on replacing carpet in a year or so, the expense of having to remove carpet & cushion, install new cushion and reinstall carpet and then a year or so later pay to remove old carpet and install new carpet seems like alot of extra trouble and expense. The money saved by waiting to change pad at the time you change carpet will allow you to purchase the best cushion that you can afford and the correct cushion for the new carpet. It's always a good idea to purchase the appropriate padding along with the carpet to ensure proper fit.
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Dang twelvepole, you want to buy some pad?

My cost on 6# 7/16 rebond is $1.38 per yard. I sell it for $2.50 per yard.

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