What to do to about wood & carpet

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Question What to do to about wood & carpet

My 7-year-old house on a slab has both hardwood and light-colored carpet on the ground floor. The wood is on about 1/4 of the area of the ground floor (entry/hall, kitchen, powder room). With two rugrats in the family, the carpet has become pretty disgusting. We're planning to move in about 18 months, and are considering what to do about the floor situation to help make the house more sellable.

The options I've identified include the following:

1) Pull up all the flooring and replace with
a) all new wood floors
b) all new laminate floors
2) Pull up the carpet and replace with
a) cheap carpet
b) berber carpet
3) Pull up the carpet, sand down the existing wood, lay new wood where the carpet was before, and finish it all to match.
4) Clean the carpets

If we were going to stay in the house, I think options 1b or 2b would work best for our family. I don't think cleaning the carpets would work, since they are stained really badly and are a very light color (what were we thinking? ).

What solution would be best to help us sell the house next summer?

(FWIW, we're also planning to paint before we move.)

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my 2 cents

as a decorator, a mother of 2 toddlers, and a person currently looking for a new (existing) home, i vote for refinishing/reviving the real wood you've got and replacing the icky carpet with new, moderately priced berber and new pad.

i personally wouldn't want wood floors in my living room or in the bedrooms. i only like hard flooring materials in my kitchen, baths & entry (just like you've got).

however, some people might like an entire house of hardwoods, but i don't think you could add new areas of wood & get it to match (?). real wood floors do supposedly increase the value of your home, so if you've got the money to spend, that might be an option. but like i said, i personally wouldn't see that as a plus at all. with kids, i like carpet. and it's easier to vacuum than to sweep & mop. and you can get away with vacuuming less often, whereas you've got to keep up with hard floors.

like i said, we're currently looking at houses. and when i walk into a house, the first thing i look at/see is the flooring. if it's not pristine, i start deducting $ right away from the asking price in my head. same with paint. even if i don't like the color, if it's fresh & clean (and neutral), i wouldn't think to deduct $ just becuase it's not my preference. but if it's dirty/worn/gross/smelly, the deductions start!

as for the choice of berber: i think it shows wear & soil less than a solid colored cut plush does. it doesn't crush down & show traffic patterns like a plush does. and the speckled coloring plus the texture of it, hides all the little bits of fuzz & lint & whatnots, and always appears neat & clean (and no vacuum tracks). get a nice, neutral color in a medium tone - not too light and not too patterned. i'd avoid the real criss-crossy, diamond patterns and stay with a simple allover nubby pattern.

if you're selling in 18 months, i'd wait at least year to replace the carpet. you want to be able to say "new carpet within last year" and have it actually look new (and still smell new!).

and right before the new carpet comes, put a fresh coat of paint on the ceilings & walls. don't risk getting paint on the new carpet!

if you want top dollar for your home, do these things and start watching "Designed to Sell" on HGTV!!! lots of good tips there!

(P.S. what's "FWIW"????? )

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FWIW = "For what it's worth"
Thanks for the advice.

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